Twitter Is Now Using A Law Firm That Elon Musk Boycotted And Condemned Several Times

Twitter and its never-ending drama continue as the platform works to battle a new legal case with the help of a law firm that Elon Musk isn’t particularly a fan of.

The legal entity was severely criticized by Musk on plenty of occasions in the past and it even had him boycotting it as mentioned in a new set of court documents that were filed this Wednesday. These were reportedly witnessed by media outlet Insider.

The news was first published by Reuters on Thursday. They mentioned how the enclosed Notice of Appearance proved that Perkins Coie which is a legal firm based in Seattle, planned to represent Twitter as its defense team.

This entailed the likes of cofounder Jack Dorsey in the lawsuit that had been filed by Laura Loomer. She is a leading far-right activist that raised a commotion after being locked out from her own account on the app in the year 2018. This was due to the publishing of hateful content as per a complaint that was lodged in the month of May.

The firm Perkins Coie has replaced the likes of Jenner & Block who withdrew from such a case as per a court filing launched on December 27. Meanwhile, Twitter’s new chief and billionaire Elon Musk witnessed tweeting at the start of December how the app was not making use of the company.

He further elaborated on how no firm should be making use of them until and unless the legal entity would allow for amendments to be made after Sussmann’s try to make the presidential election corrupt.

To further make things clearer, Elon Musk says that in such a case, he was referring to the likes of Michael Sussmann that is an ex-lawyer for the firm. He has been blasted for lying to the FBI while being present in a meeting regarding America’s former President Donald Trump and his ties with Russia before the 2016 election ensued. But it so happened that Sussman was never deemed guilty of the actions.

In May, Musk released another tweet through his Twitter account about his firm Tesla making a hire for its legal team. Musk added that he wasn’t in search of those deemed to be white shoe lawyers that are known to hail from Perkins Coie. And if that was not dramatic enough, he accused them of living on corruption.

So as you can see, the world’s second richest person really did use some strong hate words but to see him and his firm take a back seat now and opt for the same lawyers that they once dissed in public and ended up calling corrupt is just mindblowing for critics.

On the hand, Reuters says that Perkins Coie has been affiliated with the Twitter firm at least six different times before Elon Musk became the company’s new chief, which was a controversial event in October of 2022.

For now, we’re not hearing too many words or comments on the matter and we can understand why.

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