Bill Gates’ Daily Driver Smartphone Is An Android And Not The iPhone, Microsoft Founder Confirms

The race between Android and iPhones is one that’s never-ending.

Recently, during a very interesting Reddit Ask Me Anything session, Bill Gates was answering all sorts of questions across the board. And that’s when one person asked what his daily driver smartphone device was.

If you thought the obvious answer would be the iPhone, well, we’ve got some news for you. It’s not. Yes, the billionaire is using Android, to be more specific, he detailed it out to be the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

During the ‘Ask Me Anything’ session, he also thanked the South Korean tech giant’s CEO who gifted the new device to him and since then, he can’t get enough. Before this, he was using Fold 3 and this was soon updated.

This Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 isn’t cheap in price. In fact, it comes at a staggering price tag of around $1600 and that’s way more than Apple’s iPhone starting costs.

In the same way, the Microsoft founder added how he does tend to utilize Outlook as well as Microsoft software a lot across his device. And due to the large screen size, he does not make use of his tablet. For him, it’s just a phone and his portable PC, which is a Windows machine.

Android carries about 72% of the entire market for mobile operations’ global share as per reports from StatCounter. And in second place, it’s Apple which has nearly 27% of the global market share.

Bill Gates similarly mentioned how he makes use of the Android device as he feels he needs to keep a track of almost anything and everything while delivering an interview with Clubhouse in the year 2021.

He added how he likes to play with iPhone devices but it all depends on the likes of his Android device as he is so used to all of it. Some producers of Android tend to pre-download the whole Microsoft software in a manner that causes it to become easy, he mentioned.

In that very same query, Bill Gates was even questioned about the likes of new Microsoft product launches and if he is updated about insightful outlooks across such launches.

He claims that the software firm does involve him in quite a few of their research initiative as well as their product plans. He similarly sent out statements regarding how he does really enjoy the working relationship he has with the firm’s current CEO Satya Nadella. But currently, he isn’t too up-to-date with the whole hardware roadmap.

Bill Gates took a step down as the company’s CEO in the year 2000 and now when he looks back, he feels one of his greatest errors of all time was linked to Google creating Android.

For him, engaging in mismanagement is what likely led to the company not reaching the same heights as what we see with Android. The latter is the standard non-Apple device platform, Gates added while speaking at an event in 2019 at the Village Global. He really feels that it all comes naturally to see Microsoft win.

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