Google Wants Federal Judge To Dismiss Antitrust Lawsuits Accusing It Of Monopolizing Search Engines

Google has sent out requests to a federal judge that dismissed antitrust lawsuits brought on by authorities in the federal and state government.

They’ve all gone on to accuse the firm of setting up a monopoly in the market for different search engines, making it hard for others to benefit from its intimidating presence.

Such cases were first filed during the latter part of 2020 and since then, it entails various claims that the search engine maintained its dominant role seen in the Mozilla Firefox browser as well as Apple’s Safari browser. It also alleged the leading tech giant of having a search engine that was pre-installed across different Android devices.

The company is now arguing that such agreements made through the likes of Mozilla as well as Apple weren’t anti-competitive in nature for different reasons. This entails the deal not stopping users from making use of other search engine options.

Both Apple as well as Mozilla can market their search engines, confirmed Google recently through a series of papers filed with the country’s District Court Judge. These were sent out last month and only disclosed to the public recently.

Search engine giants like Apple and Mozilla have really worked hard and are now designing browsers using one single default option which may be altered by a user, the company argued.

One browser provider's choice of using a single option as default can’t exclude various other rivals in any sense, they continued to add.

The firm mentioned how search engine deals thanks to the likes of Apple and Mozilla that go all the way back to 2004 and 2005 are reflecting on the likes of Google’s search engine.

Similarly, the company has really prevailed in terms of the ongoing competition to be set as a default in most cases involving browsers owned by third parties, ever since the beginning of the mid-2000s as such firms have continued to dominate as a leading option for making the best search experience for users. As you can see, this statement by Google proves how adamant it is on standing by its claims and rejecting others.

Google similarly mentioned how it has the right to summarize judgments related to claims that it wasn’t able to correctly arrange itself as an exclusive pre-installed search engine across different Android smartphones.

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