Google Says India’s Anti-Trust Lawsuit Against It Is Concerning And A Huge Threat To User Safety

At the start of this month, tech giant Google was seen responding to India’s new lawsuit against it.

The country alleges that the search engine giant is serving as an imminent threat to rival firms in the industry. It further went on to detail how the company had a clear obligation to various smartphone manufacturers about making pre-installments of different apps. Today, Google spoke about the lawsuit in detail that comes with a mega $162 million fine.

The tech giant says that India’s CCI is a huge threat to the country’s smartphone industry and it was going to go to all extents to elaborate more on the argument so it could better defend its case.

Google says that the actions of the CCI are a huge blow to the ecosystem and its wide efforts to speed up the entire adoption of digital trends across the country. It similarly mentioned that by adding the likes of Android’s open-source software version, many producers have set out more affordable devices for users. India argues how different producers of smartphones are coming up with affordable variants for users. But Google was seen sending out incentives when it witnessed the number of users of such devices increasing.

Google mentioned how Android plays a huge and powerful role in the country’s leading Mobile Trinity. It really worked hard during dire times like the pandemic which ended up increasing the employment rate across the nation. But the CCI is now putting all such actions at risk with its recent lawsuit filing against the tech giant.

Google debates that different Android versions would stop the existence of consistent and predictable ecosystems while adding devices that were incompatible with such versions may end up restricting the company from giving users various security features.

And that would end up resulting in more users getting vulnerable to the likes of cybercrime, bugs, and even malware threats. At the same time, the Indian nation would have to deal with a rise in the costs of smartphone devices as different OEMs would need to financially support security updates arising on a routine basis across different devices. This is because Google has safety features that it provides and without them, you’ll need to purchase the features at an added cost.

In case that wasn’t enough, Google is now similarly speaking about how it would be forcing its app developers to witness a rise in costs that led to more and more users being excluded.

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