Apple Takes Away Focus From iOS 17 And Prioritizes Resources To its Upcoming AR/VR Headset

This might not be the news that Apple’s iOS 17 fans may wish to hear but according to reports from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the tech giant is shifting focus to its headset.

At this particular moment in time, the Cupertino-based firm is working hard at diverting all resources to the operating system of its upcoming AR/VR headset. The company finally realizes that it can no longer slow down the launch as per the new timeline highlighted by Gurman, the announcement is scheduled for this Spring. However, sales won’t begin until the fall of this year.

The operating system for the much-anticipated product is called xrOS and this is coming at the cost of removing focus from features of iOS 17 as well as the company’s macOS 14. Apple really hopes this is what it takes to get this headset’s software done and dusted in time for the final launch this year.

So if you happen to be waiting for some exciting new features from iOS 17, iPad 17, and the macOS 14, well, you might need to burst that bubble for now.

On the other hand, the company also mentioned how it works on the likes of the new augmented features for Apple’s App Store are all set for release soon.

These AR features would become active whenever a user enters the Apple Store physically. As per the App Store on a user’s device, we would see a user point at products located at the retail store such as the band for the Apple smartwatch, where you could see more details regarding it pop up in the AR view.

This form of AR-themed shopping experience could be the type of thing that Apple is keeping in mind for its headset’s release as well. Moreover, you’ll find Gurman reporting how the iPhone maker is also working hard on the launch of its AR shopping endeavors since the year 2020. It is busy conducting experiments at most of these stores in recent times. And that suggests how such an offering could be unveiled very soon.

Obviously, this means losing out on focus for the iOS 17’s latest features and we don’t really know what we should be anticipating in terms of the next generation of Apple’s OS release. But what we can say is that from the latest report by Gurman today, we shouldn’t be holding high hopes for new features, for now at least.

We won’t be seeing any major software updates eight for the iOS 17 or the iPadOS 17 either, which are both the newest versions in line. Their software that’s dubbed Dawn is only going to have a few mighty changes as seen recently. It will be quite similar to the macOS 14 that’s dubbed Sunburst.

We usually see the likes of Apple make big announcements linked to software updates at leading events such as the WWDC that will take place in June of 2023. This is where the tech giant then makes way for beta version launches that its developers can experiment with during the summertime. After that, we see a new launch date set out in the fall season, which would be aligned with the upcoming iPhone 15 release.

We should be hearing more about this expected launch very soon. After all, the news is major and it has to do with one of the biggest tech firms around the world. We’ll also keep you updated as more latest developments make their way.

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