iPhone Always-On Feature Causes Excessive Battery Drain, According to Investigation

A recent investigation by PhoneBuff has revealed that some iPhone users are experiencing significant battery drain due to a feature called "always-on."

The always-on feature, which was introduced with the iPhone 12 series, allows certain features of the phone to remain active even when the device is in the sleep mode. These features include the time, date, and any active notifications.

According to the investigation, the always-on feature can cause battery drain in certain circumstances, particularly when the phone is in a low-signal area or when there are a large number of active notifications. In some cases, the battery drain has been so severe that it has reduced the phone's battery life by as much as 50%. Moreover, the latest model of iPhone, iPhone 14 Pro drains 0.8% more battery while it is on with a wallpaper.

It is worth noting that the always-on feature is not the only factor that can contribute to battery drain on the iPhone. Other factors that can affect battery life include the age of the battery, the phone's operating system, and the apps that are installed on the device.

The always-on feature is designed to be a convenient way for users to check the time and see their notifications without having to wake up their phones. However, it appears that the feature may not be as efficient as intended, leading to excessive battery drain in some cases.

Apple has not yet commented on the issue, but some experts believe that a software update may be necessary to address the problem. In the meantime, iPhone users who are experiencing battery drain due to the always-on feature may be able to mitigate the issue by turning off the feature in the phone's settings or by reducing the number of active notifications.

It is worth noting that the issue with the always-on feature appears to be affecting only a small number of iPhone users. Most users have not reported any issues with battery drain due to the feature.

In addition to the always-on feature, users have reported battery drain issues due to several other factors, such as background app refresh, location services, and push email. These features can all contribute to battery drain if they are used excessively or if they are not configured correctly.

There are several steps that users can take to improve the battery life of their iPhones. These include closing apps when they are not in use, turning off push email, and adjusting the frequency of background app refresh. Users can also enable the "low power mode" setting, which disables certain features and reduces the phone's performance to conserve battery life.

Overall, iPhone users need to be aware of the factors that can affect battery life and take steps to optimize their phone's performance. By following these tips and troubleshooting any issues that may arise, users can ensure that their phone stays powered throughout the day.

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