Salary Guide: What Payscale Should Marketing, PR, And Content Positions Expect In 2023?

It’s a new year and a new beginning and that means a shift in goals and trends is bound to be seen.

If you happen to hold a job in the world of marketing, PR, or content- then we’ve got some great news for you. This salary guide forecasts the payscale for such leading positions in 2023, thanks to a recently conducted research of market trends.

Today, a marketing officer in the corporate world that hails from the US expects their salary to be $175,500. This figure was obtained in the research by Robert Half who found data through professionals and those hailing from recruitment positions.

These are the ones that fill up positions that are temporary and full-time and are a part of leading project placements at both brands and agencies every year.

These researchers have gone on to show how salary ranges for this year in the industry of marketing and advertising and PR across America. This only includes the starting pay and does not entail things like bonuses, benefits, and even special forms of compensation.

After that, the guide broke down the figures into three percentiles, 25th, 50th, and then 75th. This is a full report and it includes projections for several leading positions and data on variations in salary depending on the city you live in.

The median percentile for the position of VP in the corporate sector of marketing was highlighted to be $154,500 this year while that for a regular marketing manager was highlighted to be $85,000.

The median range of salary forecasts for content strategists was $82,750 for this year and that for a copywriter was highlighted to be $76,000.

The median starting salary for the role of VP in PR for a manager was $86,000. So as you can see, these are the types of ranges to expect as per this report.

The study was conducted based on stats obtained from staffing and hiring professionals that really do make thousands of dollars on a full-time basis. But it also took into consideration those working temporarily and had to do with project placements for brands and agencies every year.

Every year, the forecast alters as the year changes, and this year, the findings above are definitely giving people an insight into what they can expect during this time.

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