Android Launches New Satellite Service To Allow Two-Way SMS Texting During Emergency Crisis

Qualcomm’s famous Snapdragon Satellite is being launched after a partnership with communications company Iridium and Garmin. This would assist in providing leverage for GPS and even satellite communications.

This paves the way for sending texts in a two-way manner, especially in places that lack proper network coverage such as rural regions or those lacking this type of service.

You might consider this to be a little similar to a feature launched by Apple called their Emergency SOS feature. It was announced along with the iPhone 14 and allows iOS devices to send out messages during an emergency, thanks to satellite connections.

This newly talked about feature called Snapdragon Satellite is going to be up for grabs on various devices that come powered by the likes of Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. This was during the later part of this year, thanks to a more enhanced modem called Snapdragon X70. This particular service allows for connection to the satellite system Iridium but would also need OEMs and other service providers to get the functionality aspect going.

Qualcomm was seen putting this functionality forward at the recently held CES 2023. They recently published in their new report how this form of satellite service allows various messages to be sent to all contacts and even emergency services that may be quintessential if you come across issues in certain remote areas.

This is an early showcase and it’s not representing the end product. Remember, OEMs would require more implementation of such features whenever it gets available to them. It’s also interesting to note how this is a certain test that’s not carried out in proper locations that are remote like a certain form of 5G cell service that became available in outer regions of Las Vegas.
To put out a particular SMS thanks to this service, you will require clear skies and a new time to put your phone in alignment so that it points towards a certain satellite. After that link is established, you end up sending texts. Remember, demo services proved how SMS texts were sent out to a short preset list full of contacts. This would be limited thanks to the likes of Qualcomm that prevent spam from affecting your overall speed and access across a certain network.

Also, it’s important to note that those users having phones powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor won’t be able to benefit unless it gets launched during the second part of 2023. So for now, we’ll just wait and watch.

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