TikTok Launches New Feature Where Users Can Tag Movies Or TV Shows In Their Videos

Leading social media app TikTok has recently partnered up with IMDb to put forward a new feature of video tagging.

The platform is giving users the chance to tag movies and even their favorite television shows in a video of their choice through a specific link.

This particular link in question directs the viewers to one dedicated page on the app and even provides IMDb-provided details regarding a particular title and a collection of related videos on the app.

TikTok creators are also now allowed to save titles to the Favorites tab that’s located on their profile.

This feature was launched today to users across the US and UK but don’t worry because this feature by IMDb and the app would be hitting other nations soon. Hence, now creators can make their video, select any link, and then include either Movie or TV. This brings them to the IMDb section that entails more than 12 million films and series of their preference. After publishing, you’ll see one title selected that appears right above a certain caption.

TikTok’s new feature by IMDb will be super helpful to those that wish to search for things linked to their favorite films and series. As it is, the number of fans and followers on the app turns into a total of 25 billion views for hashtags that entail a similar theme.

This includes FilmTok, TVTok, and MovieTok so as you can see, the feature was a long time coming.

The app released a public statement today that mentioned how excited it was to bring this new offering to users. It’s the newest firm that relies on IMDb data to jet out new experiences for users. And it wouldn’t be wrong to call this the most innovative collaboration out there today.
Showing what you love on the TikTok app makes sense and the platform continues to strive to discover what users want and bring it forward to them as per their liking.

Now customers can decide what they love to see and hear on the app. Similarly, the launch is a great chance to assist other leading media firm market their titles in a more effective manner. This includes the likes of Netflix, Paramount, Warner Bros, and A24 as just a few of the firms that are urging more and more people to watch newly published titles.

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