WhatsApp users will soon be able to set up their own avatars while messaging themselves

Meta’s WhatsApp has once again decided to roll out new updates for its.

The first update, called "avatars," is meant for both Android and iOS users. The feature started its beta journey two months ago, in October. Only a limited number of users were able to use the beta version of the upcoming update. After completing its beta phase, the update was launched as a stable version for a small group of users. And now, after completing its testing phase, the developers have started to roll out the feature for everyone globally.

The concept of an "avatar" is not new and can be seen on a number of platforms, including Snapchat. People prefer the use of such features to express themselves more accurately while using WhatsApp.

The company also announced that once the update has been released globally, the developers will start working on areas that need to be fixed.

Jumping on to the next update, the new feature, namely "message yourself," is also being released by the app developers.

Texting a message to the self is not new and has been in use for quite a while. However, what makes this feature different is that users will no longer be searching themselves before sending out a message.

Once again, the update was initially announced in October and made its debut for a limited number of users through the beta version.

Before this, tapping on the cell icon would lead directly to the personal conversation; however, opening it up was not possible due to incompatibility. But now, the developers are ensuring that the message doesn’t stay hidden and can be read through all the linked devices.

The beta version has already been rolled out to some Windows users and will be available to more users over time.

Though no specific date has been given by the WhatsApp officials, since the beta version of "Message yourself" and the stable version of "Avatar" have already been released, it can be expected that the final version will be available shortly.

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