New Features Of Status Updates And View-Once Message Privacy By WhatsApp

After blessing with the incredible features of making polls and creating communities, WhatsApp is now headed towards calling out the new features of status updates inside the chat list plus the roll out of a new presentation sheet to view once messages is also on the cards.

WhatsApp follows a ritual of not disappointing its user and always amazes them by introducing super fun features through updates. As I have mentioned the upcoming options above, I must explain more about them and their functions.

Let’s discuss the first feature of WhatsApp beta for the Android update, in which the users will be able to view status updates directly from the conversation list. The process seems to be very easy. Rather than checking users who uploaded a status in the status area of WhatsApp, look at the ring that will appear around the profile picture in the conversation list to determine whether the function is accessible for your account.

Following the installation of the most recent WhatsApp Desktop version, this is finally reaching out to even more people. Many users now have the option to see status updates inside the chat list, and thus more consumers will also have it over the next several weeks.

The name of the second feature is the presentation sheet for view-once messages. The current status of this feature is rolling out. You must be curious about this new feature like what it is for. This feature provides screenshot protection for view-once photos and videos. Which means, this feature has made it impossible for the receiver to screenshot the messages for future reading or sharing them with others.

A question arises: how does it work? The answer is, as users press the view-once button located in the drawing editor, the presentation page containing view-once messages will appear. WhatsApp will notify you whether this function is turned on so that the receiver cannot obtain a snapshot of it. In short, sharing, forwarding, copying, and saving the view-once picture and clip are all disallowed.

The feature is now accessible for beta users having the WhatsApp beta for the Android version, however, the social media platform is now unveiling a new presentation page to showcase these enhancements to certain beta testers. This functionality was previously offered to non-beta clients as well.

I am sure both these features will make room in the hearts of users and WhatsApp will continue to excite these valuable users in the future for sure.

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