New Report Says Meta Wished To Capitalize On Elon Musk’s Chaotic Twitter Takeover

The New York Times is not coming slow in terms of increasing the enmity between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

The leading publishing agency has set out a new report that detailed how Meta wished to capitalize on the chaos-filled takeover of Twitter by the billionaire. And that meant going after the app’s bread and butter by creating a competitor that would set the stage for a serious faceoff.

It is believed that employees hailing from both of Meta’s leading apps, Instagram and Facebook conducted a virtual meeting in November where they set forward new ideas on how to create a text-based application that would end up beating out Twitter any day.

As mentioned by one employee of Meta, Twitter being in a period of crisis is an ideal situation for Meta which requires its mojo to return.

During this session where plenty of brainstorming had begun, the giant group of employees went on discussing how a standalone app based on the world of texting would be created through assistance from Instagram’s technology. There was even some discussion about how the feature could be incorporated into the app as a new feed such as Reels for Instagram or even publishing the feature onto the app’s notes, as confirmed by The New York Times.

In case you did not know, Instagram Notes is the offering that’s trending right now, which Meta began trials for during the summertime. It rolled out a range of selective users from a group. Moreover, such a component would enable users to put up short texts to their close pals or even their followers that a user follows back.

During such meetings, employees from Meta did reveal a few names that would actually suit such a Twitter competitor ordeal like Real Reels, Instant, Realtime, or more.

For now, Meta is staying hush on the matter and is not responding despite plenty of requests for comments.

This would not be the first instance where a firm owned by Mark Zuckerberg has made attempts to copy different social media apps. Instagram has really taken a head-on formula, as far as Instagram Reels is concerned. This is right after it tested and even closed down another clone of the Twitter platform called Lasso.

We even heard reports about how Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg was keen on converting the WhatsApp application into a competitor for WeChat. And in the recent past, Zuckerberg has gone as far as sharing his interest in the likes of Twitter too. Remember in 2008, Zuckerberg set out a staggering offer to purchase the leading Twitter app for a value worth $500 million but the firm did not comply and instead directly rejected the calls for it.

But we would like to take this opportunity to make you realize that Meta is not the only firm that’s keen on capitalizing on Musk’s chaos of acquiring Twitter. Other smaller tech firms like Mastodon and even Hive are tossing their bids in the ring. And then we’ve got the likes of Tumblr whose microblogging site wishes to take digs at Musk’s future plans at Twitter.

Ever since the billionaire acquired Twitter and made it private in October of this year, there has been so much uncertainty on what the future holds for this app. Just a few hours after the takeover, Musk eliminated most of the app’s employees and fired the CEO and top executives.

He then outlined a new and very hardcore working schedule for the remaining staff, not to mention the great uncertainty related to major outrages in the future because top engineers were terminated.

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