Reddit Publishes Overview Of Users’ Performance In 2022 Through A ‘Reddit Recap’ Activation

As we get closer to the year's end, Reddit was seen launching a 2022 Reddit Recap.

This is what provides Redditors with a descriptive overview of their activity on the app that occurred in 2022. You can see it is a type of Spotify ‘Wrapped’ edition.

As explained by the platform, the recap was designed to provide users with the most entertaining means to look back at some memorable moments spent on the app.

This year, Reddit Recap has a wide array of fun as well as interesting stats which get translated as well as localized for users’ convenience.

You also get a summary of the moments spent on the platform and the types of content that other users engaged with too, not to mention the various communities that they happened to witness or view.

There are definitely some points that make you go and question the subreddits seen but all in all, it’s just a fun way to turn back time and relive some moments. Some perspectives are interesting and have caught people’s eye. And that’s where you spent time and had great communities through which you engaged the most.

To avail of the feature, simply log in and press the Narwhal icon that’s located beneath the profile, or simply click the navigation bar across the desktop to witness the unique experience which highlights your journey.

You can then witness the long series of overviews that need to be downloaded with interesting stats like various avatar outfit changes, upvoted comments, and which team you happened to be supporting the most.

Depending on all of this, you get the chance to show other communities what you’re interested in so you can expand your entire experience across the platform.

Last but not least, you get a rating of a superpower on the platform depending on how great or poor your usage was this year. It’s seen across the recent avatar on the app, near the top communities that were visited the most.

Feel free to download the card and share the fun with others that really highlights your persona in the most interesting and engaging manner.

These cards are pretty cool and they can be shared easily off this platform.

Similar to the app’s NFT offering, it looks like the firm is really aware of what it is that might allow for great interaction with the community. It can really solidify your engagement while celebrating with those that mean the most.

Other than that, we saw the platform share some interesting insights for 2022. This entailed how the app became home to more than 100,000 global active communities. Then we saw the creation of more than 430 million posts with an increase of 14% YoY. Then in November, Reddit had more than 2.5 billion comments which was a dramatic 7% rise from last year, and more than 24 billion upvotes too.

With time, the app has also noticed an increase in engagement on the platform. This is great news because, in 2020, it took a usage hit while trying to get rid of thousands of communities outlined as controversial. Now, it’s turning into a business that’s very brand-friendly.

This is obviously very integral for the app’s future as it hopes to attract more revenue through ads so as to build bigger and better opportunities.

In 2022, Reddit was also crowned as having the most viewed community through its r/amitheasshold. And that’s a simple reminder of the massive spectrum comprising various Reddit chat topics.

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