WhatsApp Fans Delighted as Meta Rolls Out New Feature For Those Who Accidently Click ‘Delete For Me’

Just the thought of clicking on the ‘Delete For Me’ option and not being able to revert that change has made a lot of WhatsApp users live in regret. And if you happen to be one of them, well, Meta has some great news for you.

The tech giant is putting forward a new feature that allows you to go back in time and fix the mistake and the news is being loved across the board.

Meta is famous for launching all sorts of avatars and giving users the chance to hold chats with one another through WhatsApp but this new feature coming soon to the platform is definitely one that some feel was a long time coming.

Meta’s head who is also the head for WhatsApp shed more light on the news regarding hitting the Delete for Me button when the real intention was pressing the Delete For Everyone button.

He added how this can be so frustrating and until today, there was just no way possible to reclaim the text that’s now deleted from your app forever. Could there be anything more frustrating than this, well, we don’t think so?

This is why a new Undo feature is coming forward so you can eliminate this worry forever. So what happens when you press on the feature accidentally? Well, you are again asked if you really wish to do that, so it’s like the system is double-checking your decision.

If yes, press yes but if not, click on No and you’ll be good to go. Just be mindful of not making the same mistake twice because there’s simply no solution for something like this. How’s that for a sigh or relief?

WhatsApp has gone on further to make claims linked to adding a new Undo feature to its chat messenger. But please don’t be surprised or get worried in case you don’t happen to witness it right this moment. WhatsApp is known for causing more commotion than when the actual release takes place.

But with that being said, the company is hoping to launch the feature for both users of iOS and Android with time. So in a few weeks, we all should be benefiting from it. Hence, stay tuned and be sure to use the feature wisely.

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