As Per Elon Musk's Poll He Should Step Down As Twitter Chief But There’s No Successor

Elon Musk recently conducted a new poll to see if users felt someone else should take the lead as Twitter’s new chief. And the results are out.

The majority of votes wanted Musk to step down as the head of the platform and the billionaire vowed to obey the commands and wishes of those who voted. But now, he claims that even if he were to step down, there is no successor for the role.

He continued to mention how no one was willing to take a new position. The news comes as one Twitter user asked the billionaire who would be replacing him as he assumed the current app’s chief had someone in mind.

You’ll be astonished to learn that the answer was no one because no person is in the pipeline.

The comments were made on the same respective day that the Twitter poll was announced because that’s just how fast the results came into effect.

Clearly, he is in no frame of mind to abide by these results as the poll really closed on Monday, and nearly 58% of people who responded ended up doing so in favor of him stepping down as the firm’s CEO.

Twitter is yet to respond to the request for comments that were made outside of the regular hours for operation. Moreover, we saw him speak in the past about how Tesla wished to sell some shares to try and save the current state of Twitter which isn’t looking appearing to be too great in shape.

The app really needed to increase subscriptions as it felt that a mighty period of recession was coming forward. It was just not too clear who would be the head as Musk informed a judge in Delaware recently how he is working on limiting his time on the platform and looking for a new boss for the firm with time.

Musk mentioned through further tweets that the real query is not linked to searching for a CEO but the quest is to find a leader who can really lead the app in the best of ways and keep it alive.

The Tesla CEO did leave with a few words of wisdom including how important it is to be careful of what you wish for because you might end up getting it all. Twitter is yet to respond to a request by Insider for respective comments that were made but’s clear where he stands on the debate.

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