WhatsApp Beta For Android Has A New Update For Users Which Will Keep Disappearing Messages

WhatsApp is working on a new update that will give the users ability to undo their disappearing messages. Disappearing messages on Whatsapp disappear after their expiration date, but now due to this feature users will be able to undo the expiry on disappearing messages.

In the new screenshot shared by WABI, it can be seen that once users have disappearing messages features on a WhatsApp chat, they will have the ability to turn it off. If users want to keep the disappearing messages, they do not need to do anything and the messages will disappear on their expiration date. But users have to turn the features off themselves if they want to keep the messages.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if the users keep a message, undoing it automatically deletes the message. This means once the message is deleted for everyone, users will not be able to retrieve it back. If users have kept a message, they have to make sure to not delete it accidentally because the message won't ever come back. WhatsApp also recently rolled out an update that lets users undo a deleted message. This is only for the "Delete for Me" option. You cannot undo a delete for every message once it is deleted.

This feature is still under development, as per the news from WhatsApp so we cannot say when it will officially roll out. Right now, it is not even available for beta users but it will be released in the next few days. WhatsApp is always working to provide every new feature that the user needs. It is good that the feature will be available soon because many users are waiting for it.

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