Twitter Tweaks Its View Count Feature And Allows Users To Switch It Off When Desired

Twitter has just recently rolled out a new feature that enables users to figure out how many views each of their tweets is getting. But now, the platform's chief Elon Musk has opted to make a change to that launch.

The billionaire says that those who may wish to switch off the feature for their posts may choose to do so willingly.

The message was revealed through a recent post where Elon Musk could be seen speaking in response to one user’s comment regarding the new design.

While some might find the post to be super useful, Musk did admit in the past how a few others were finding it to be harmful and might shatter the expectations that they’ve dreamt of regarding a particular post on the app. This tweak in feature might just be perfect for them and their self-esteem, we believe.

Must mention to that particular user how tidying up esthetics and including a setting for it to turn off would definitely make the launch a little more accommodating and likable to the majority. This tool enables users to witness how many times their tweets can be seen as it provides the management with another way to gauge how active people really are on the platform.

In a separate post, the billionaire could be seen denying rumors regarding the removal of a feature called ‘there is help’. A huge controversy blew up in that regard as people didn’t think that was the safest way to move forward during a time when helplines were of the utmost importance.

Removing such a feature means bidding farewell to the likes of helplines when people are willing to seek help against important issues linked to abuse and suicide.

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