Twitter Launches New Feature That Displays View Counts On Tweets

Twitter has opted to follow in the footsteps of YouTube in terms of launching a feature that shows how many times a certain piece of content has been viewed by users of the app.

The news comes as Twitter’s new chief mentioned that such a feature is required as it really provides great insight into how alive the app really is.

Each time a tweet is viewed, you’ll be able to see the view count and Musk did acknowledge how such an offering is so normal for videos. But when it comes to tweets, it’s a whole new ballgame.

Very rarely, if ever, do you get to witness people liking, replying, commenting, and sharing a tweet. Hence, you wouldn’t be able to figure out if a user is even active on the platform or not. But things are changing for the better and Musk seems to have found the answer with this new view counter for more information on public actions.

As mentioned by Musk himself, he’s super excited about the launch of this new feature as it shows the user how many people are reaching out or engaging with the account on the app. See, the comparison being made to online content feels like it’s some sort of a call for content creators such as YouTube’s MrBeast.

He is the most popular YouTuber out there and Musk claims he might be a potential candidate for the app’s next CEO. But some people claim such a feature could end up instilling an opposite effect to that intended. Account holders might be seeing fewer people see their tweets than what they had initially believed would have been their engagement number.

Twitter already has a similar feature that displays detailed stats regarding tweets, other than simply a like, a share, or a quote of the tweet. When you click the option for ‘view Tweet analytics’ under anything put forward, you witness the manner in which people interact with content like if they visited your profile or expanded details of a tweet that was quoted.

Similarly, you’ll be able to see impressions as a total which it defines to be Times this Tweet was witnessed on the app. But the definition is not specific as it fails to highlight what that means for a tweet to get seen,

The only difference here is related to new views generated would be seen by everyone, not only the owner of this account.

Not every single user in this world has access to such a feature as of now as a public launch does take time before it reaches the whole audience. But for now, what we do know is that you can find it on iOS as well as Android and the desktop version should be available soon too.

And in case you can’t just see it by now, you can take a sneak peek thanks to social media expert Nima Owji who used reverse app technology to show what it appears like in reality. Hence, all posts or tweets after mid-December would be appearing in this manner, she adds.

You must be aware that many of Twitter’s feature rollouts have either been a hit with the masses or a miss. About one week back, we heard about getting banned for tweeting a link to your account on Instagram. How’s that for a shocker? Thankfully, it wasn’t for a long time.

Moreover, in the past few days, we saw the app making some feature updates a bigger priority than others. Remember, Twitter had only recently put up an update regarding a system for cashtags where users would attain market data and trends without leaving the app.

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