Elon Musk Says Tweet Reactions Are Coming Soon On The Twitter App

Whether you love him or hate him, one thing is for sure. Elon Musk can’t sit still when it comes down to his Twitter app and the many changes it entails.

We’ve already seen him edit the workforce, and content moderation rules, and reinstate suspended accounts. He has also brought back polls and even vows to listen to the results as they are the voice of the people.

Other than that, he recently opted to add view counts for Tweets and wanted to roll out upvotes and downvotes too as tests for these features have been taking place undercover. Then we saw the Blue Subscription and Verification endeavor be altered in the same manner. It’s interesting how the previous Twitter management failed to give such features any heed and went about abandoning them as a whole.

But Musk believes in change, plenty of it, and that’s why we could soon be seeing the likes of reactions to tweets come forward too, as recently mentioned by Musk. He feels this is just what the app needs to help increase engagement and generate responses.

Elon seems to be on a mission to rejuvenate old proposals and renovate them into something new and exciting. And in the end, the goal is to make people pay for them as features similar to the likes of add-ons.

The most recent trial for this feature of reactions came in March of 2021. This is when the platform had requested users for more feedback on this potential so they could end up generating responses that were in addition to the classic heart.

We do love Musk’s idea this time as there appears to be some logical thinking in this manner. Reactions are slowly but surely being the way to communicate on social media. People love to react to images, texts, stories, and more on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp too

Moreover, Twitter’s own DMs have reactions in them so it was only a long time coming before we saw the likes of tweets get a reaction too. And believe it or not, hearts aren’t always the best way to react in all situations.

So it’s making sense for sure and would certainly turn out to be a great accompaniment despite it being put on shelves by the app’s team in the past.

We are definitely not against Elon Musk’s decision this time around and we are sure so many of the app’s users would agree with us. It’s a recommendation that we’ve seen the billionaire flag constantly in his tweets and that means it’s coming to production soon.

What we are super curious about is whether the reactions would only entail the likes of a thumbs up and down or something more than just that. Twitter’s DMs just have the latter and we don’t wish to see a repeat of that for obvious reasons.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for this rollout and will let you know more as the launch occurs. Musk really wants the engagement to be up on the platform by next year and we’re just days away from 2022 ending!

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