TikTok Launches New Suggestive Model That Automatically Identifies Explicit And Borderline Content

In the past few months, we have seen apps like TikTok really go the extra mile in terms of making sure explicit content stays off the app. Now, we’re getting to see the leading social media platform detail what other measures are being taken in terms of making sure borderline content is handled the right way.

During the start of 2022, we saw TikTok mention how it is really working hard in terms of making new ways by which it can age restrict a few kinds of content as a part of a bigger and broader attempt to beef up the security of users on the platform. The particular audience targeted included the likes of younger individuals.

This app unveiled a system that had some new ratings at the start of 2022 that was called Content Levels which would assist in identifying the content of the more mature kind.

Now, the firm is putting forward new updates on such efforts. One recently published blog post showed how the firm has set forward new suggestive models that display borderline content. This company uses this to identify through automated means content that’s sexually explicit, suggestive, or even lying on the borderline.

One spokesperson from TikTok says this new model is doing a great job at detecting borderline content which are videos that aren’t necessarily breaking the platform’s policies but they’re just not suitable for users of a younger age.

TikTok is just not the sole platform that filters the content of this nature from the recommendations tab. Instagram is working hard and long to tackle the matter linked to borderline content through recommendations too. Yet, it struggles to find a way around the likes of videos that scream the adult theme. We’re not talking specifically about nudity but mature content. It’s having a hard time detecting this and it’s calling it out as a huge task.

Right now, TikTik has failed to outline any specifics on the matter and how accurate the new system that’s being used via this model is. But it did manage to share that in the past month, the firm has stopped teen accounts from witnessing nearly one million sexually suggestive content that really bends toward the likes of being extreme.

In other places on the app, we can see it rolling out a feature that enables creators to restrict videos for viewers that are adults. This was an offering that came about for certain live videos but now, it’s getting enabled for clips that are short form in duration too.

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