Google Agrees To Settle Location Tracking Lawsuit With Mega $9.5 Million Payment

It feels like another day and another lawsuit for the likes of Google, who is all set to make a staggering $9.5 million settlement regarding a location-tracking case by Washington DC’s Attorney General.

Karl Racine reportedly accused the firm during the early part of this year of deceiving users and also invading privacy. In the same way, the search engine giant has made an agreement to alter a few of its own policies and practices in regard to how it informs others about collecting, utilizing, and then storing location data.

Google has led consumers to believe that they’re in complete control of it collecting and retaining information regarding the location and even how such information ends up getting used, the complaint went on to read.

But in all reality, it’s just that Google is not keen on allowing any of its consumers to have their privacy, It just continually collects, stores, and profits from a certain number of locations.

Racine’s office has gone about accusing Google of employing various dark patterns that are keen choices to continually deceive others into conducting actions that are of zero benefits.

In particular, the AG office has claimed that Google keeps on prompting users to switch between various locations and tracking certain applications. It keeps on informing them about certain features that wouldn’t be able to function the right way if location tracking was not an integral part of the feature.

But that is far from the truth, as confirmed by the AG who says a team of experts realized location data was never needed for a certain app that continually pops up. And above all, Google just makes it so much harder and impossible to opt-out of such an endeavor of having locations tracked.

The mega settlement is a huge one for Google. In the past quarter, it took on the likes of Google’s parent firm which is Alphabet and in just 20 minutes, it managed to make a lot of revenue. These types of changes that the firm makes to various practices will certainly have a huge impact, as predicted by experts.

Those people having location settings on would end up getting notifications that would go on to inform them more about how to disable them too. In the same way, they would end up getting more details on how to get rid of settings and delete any sort of associated data while limiting Google in terms of the duration through which the data would be kept.

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