This year big companies have faced a huge loss in market shares and Tesla seems to be taking the brunt of it

This year has been a roller coaster ride of unstable economies, along with the high inflation, and rising interest rates. Due to all these reasons, companies in the public sector lost brillions in their market capitalizations, investors became hard to find and those that were available were very significantly warier of what companies to choose and what to drop and consumers became less inclined to spend on luxuries after high inflation raised the costs of basic living. Put these together and you have the perfect way of getting companies into a sharp decline in market shares. That is exactly what happened, but in all this, there were some companies in important sectors that had good growths.

Visual Capitalist recently released an infographic that displayed all of the biggest companies of the year alongside their market capitals in a very eye-catching way. The infographic used data collected from Companiesmarketcap and was based on data collected until 12th December 2022.

According to the infographic, Apple came at the top of the list of 100 companies with an astronomical 2.3 Trillion dollars as market capital. Even though 2022 was a tough year Apple proved victorious as it managed to retain its top spot as the richest company in the world and even more so in the technology sector, which was mainly because of the popularity of apple’s most wanted product, the iPhone. This is the product that makes apple gain about half of its total revenue, and every year as the new iPhone releases the craze follows and Apple makes good money.

The second place was secured by Microsoft with 1.9 Trillion dollars in market cap. Even though Microsoft faced some problems of its own like slower earnings over the year it still managed to stay within the Trillion-dollar club. The slow sales were mostly dues to lower demand for PCs, which are now being replaced by more compacted mobile Phones and tablets alongside the huge impact of the strong dollar that impacted sales from overseas countries where about 50% of the company’s sales take place.

And as for the Trillion-dollar market cap club, it is now down to only four members; Apple, Microsoft Saudi Aramco, and Alphabet. The first two and fourth are from the technology sector while Saudi Aramco hails from the energy sector. The company is an Oil Giant at 1.8 trillion dollars in market cap and is the only non-US company that made it to the top 10 of the list. In May the company even just for a short time became the most valued company in the world as the high energy prices increased revenue. For those who are not aware, Saudi Arabia is the largest exporter of oil in the world with 7061 barrels of oil being exported each day.

If we take it on a wider scale, then 62 out of the 100 have headquarters situated in the United States, 11 in China, and 5 operate from France.

In terms of Performance, nobody did well this year. That is quite the understatement of course as none of the companies in the top 10 saw a growth of double digits. The largest growth was 5.0% by the United Health Group. Out of the companies that saw a decline, Tesla took the cake. Bearing the brunt of the weight Tesla saw a staggering 68.9% loss in market shares due to 2 factors: 1. The loss of demand in many countries especially China and 2. The risky purchase of Twitter by Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has also played a part in lowering Tesla’s market share.

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