TikTok Comes Under Fire For Targeting Teens With Harmful Content On A Regular Basis

The TikTok app may be leading in terms of popularity in the world of social media but new data is highlighting some alarming stats regarding the platform.

At first, we saw the US expressing concerns about how data was being shared with officials in the Chinese government and despite the app’s instance of refuting the claims, the trouble does not stop there. Let’s not forget how the app was even banned on government devices for a similar reason.

Now, TikTok is being blasted by researchers for producing harmful feeds that are directed toward teenagers. And that too on a daily basis. It all depends on the particular interest regarding channels in use by the target audience which happens to be mostly the younger lot. Moreover, the report by experts goes on to mention how such activity is harmful and can negatively impact the health of all teens out there today, both mentally and physically.

Thanks to how such an algorithm functions, another report has gone on to speak about the platform turning out to be parents’ biggest nightmare as they try to stay side by side with their kids. This application may end up really affecting the health of people out there today.

A while back, it was mentioned how the app’s algorithm was actually positive. Critics felt that it was great at monitoring what users like and it went on to feed various types of content that it feels like users would like to take in. And today, it’s really growing due to this.

With that said, one of the greatest features of the app is also it's most dangerous. When you end up taking so much content that’s not too great on a usual basis, this algorithm would continue promoting the same content for as long as it takes. No matter if the content is dangerous or beneficial. It’s almost as if the machine keeps on spitting out data without thinking.

So what is the solution, if any? The answer is none and experts feel there might be no way out other than unfollowing or uninstalling the application.

Another method would be sticking to content that is on a more mainstream level like mainstream explainer videos or perhaps hilarious tidbits. Simply avoid looking at content that is harmful. And when you ask the reps on the app what exactly they are doing and why, well, the answer is simple. They say they’re busy moderating the platform and restricting content for a lot of people. As a whole, it’s just free of cost for so many individuals out there.

This sort of policing strategy is not very simple. You might be complaining about how this application features a lot of very young people doing some very inappropriate things. And TikTok knows this. It says sketchy content attains the greatest traffic out there today.

Such problems wouldn’t be simple to solve. And the app is really going to be under a lot of pressure as it gets scrutinized. This would relate to how it attains data and how it has put out harmful content in the world today.

As can be seen from other leading social media apps such as the likes of YouTube, there are millions of videos worth a mention. And the most inappropriate end up getting so much attention and start to raise concerns.

It’s appalling as content that’s more positive, educational, motivational, and even funny fails to gain too much attention and it’s actually rather disappointing.

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