Useless emails and early Christmas carols were the two most annoying things for customers doing winter vacation shopping

According to a survey published by Airship, it was shown that worthless emails and Christmas carols, and music were the two most irritating things for consumers doing winter shopping during vacations.

The poll consisted of 1,000 U.S consumers, who were asked questions related to their winter shopping experience, the amount they plan to spend, the preferable medium of purchase, and any annoying thing they feel while shopping in winter vacations. The poll was conducted in November of this year.

As per the data received from the poll, it was discovered that irrelevant emails of different brands and online shops were the most annoying thing for U.S. customers doing winter shopping. Around fifty-three percent of people voted for it.

Moving forward in the report by Pollfish and Airship, it was reported that for around forty-seven percent of the customers, it was early Christmas carols starting in October that was the second most irritating thing for consumers.

In third place stand the mobile applications or websites that were not user-friendly and thus gave a tough time to customers using them for shopping. The difference between annoyance created by early Christmas music and badly designed user apps and websites was very slight.

As the report continued, it was seen that inflation didn’t alter people’s choice of spending more or less money during their holiday shopping in winter as around forty-four percent of the people expressed the will of spending the same amount as they did during last year’s vacation shopping. Only twenty percent showed interest in putting more money into this year’s shopping for holidays. As far as spending less during winter shopping is concerned, nearly thirty-four percent voted for it, and only two percent agreed on not spending any money at all.

Moving toward the choice of medium for shopping during winter holidays, the survey showed that people are more inclined toward purchasing from a brand’s mobile application or website rather than from advertising or posts on social media. This should be noted that this attitude of consumers is encouraging for brands as it will increase their sales and they will be able to interact with more customers which will result in getting more data regarding the purchasers of their products.

Another interesting fact presented by Airship survey was that about 1% of customers said that they start their shopping from both brand’s approved sites and applications and through social advertisements and networks as well. This attitude was seen in all age groups except those between 20-22 years of age, as fifty-six percent of them preferred the brand’s mobile applications and websites.

Furthermore, smartphone usage for different activities while being physically present inside a shop, 3 activities that were done the most by customers were accessing the shop’s website said by 89%, doing cost comparison by eighty-eighty percent while the usage of the shop’s mobile app was reported by eighty-percent of the customers.

The survey included both genders of customers aged between eighteen to seventy-five plus.

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