Sales For Apple’s Watch In Danger As The ITC Confirms The Tech Giant Infringed Patent Rights

Tech giant Apple has been busy battling out plenty of cases that popped up in the year 2022. And one was related to the leading iPhone maker being accused of infringing patent rights linked to the ECG feature of its smartwatch.

But on Thursday, it was a stark reminder to the firm that anything is possible as Apple was considered guilty of the act, as proven by the ITC’s new ruling.

The court claimed Apple infringed the patents linked to a firm called AliveCor and that could indirectly place the sales of this product in danger in America.

For a while now, Apple was busy fighting this lawsuit after it was accused of wrong behavior by AliveCor. There was always this threat lingering on Apple’s shoulders about how it could be proven wrong and that its sales may be impacted and it seems like the worry has become a reality after today’s decision.

This decision ended up being a limited extension order as well as a ruling that entails that order having a cease and desist label attached to it. That means Apple may soon get banned from even getting imports of its Apple Watch designs into the country, further putting a decline in sales.

Now, the company is not going to be allowed to sell away it's Series 8 for the Apple Watch or even the Ultra version of the Apple Watch in the country as both models entail the same ECG sensor the topic of debate.

A recent statement that was shared by 9to5Mac revealed how the decision taken by the ITC is a huge gain for a company like AliveCor. At the same time, it wouldn’t be wrong to call it a gain for other small-scale firms too, and plenty of buyers out there today.

The decision has really made many realize that biased behavior does not exist and when tech giants make huge mistakes like in this one where they’re found guilty, then they would be held accountable for their actions.

But is Apple really shocked after the unveiling of this grand decision? The answer is no because, in June of this year, the ITC had already hinted to the likes of having Apple penalized for such infringements. But a final confirmation was required as the American Board for Trademark Office Patent had spoken about how firms like AliveCor were actually too general to be patented.

Apple is not happy and has responded to media outlets on the decision being one that it greatly disagrees with. It also mentioned how such patents by companies are not valid.

Similarly, the iPhone maker says Apple has teams that work tirelessly around the clock to design the best products out there using state-of-the-art technology that empowers users with the likes of the best health, safety, and wellness out there today.

And it might be disagreeing with the verdict but it is now putting the exclusion order in a state of pause, which is consistent with the past precedents made. And since the patents of AliveCor were found to be invalid, it would mean Apple has prevailed in this regard.

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