Tesla Is Rolling Out New Qi Charger That’s Similar To Apple’s AirPower In Charging Multiple Devices Simultaneously

The year 2019 was when we were made aware of Apple’s AirPower charger getting canceled, moments before it was planned to hit the market.

As anyone can imagine, the news was very upsetting as there were a lot of hopes attached to this product since it was promised to charge several devices at the same time. But now, we’re hearing about Elon Musk’s Tesla firm launching a similarly designed offering called the Qi Charger that is based on the same sort of ideology as Apple’s AirPower.

The thought of welcoming Tesla on board with the new and innovative wireless charging initiative means saying hello to a sleek angular design that features a unique metallic style. The company confirmed how it received inspiration from the likes of Cybertruck for this product.

And it is providing users with the fastest 15W charging feature for each device, which ends up charging three devices at the same time.

Similar to how Apple’s AirPower offering which never came into existence, Tesla claims the charger entails technology referred to as Free Power. This allows the user to put their device at any designated location on its surface without the care of precise alignments.

It further comes with a stand that’s magnetic and detachable at the same time, where users can lay chargers in a flat manner or any other angle for the best viewing.

Moreover, a recently published video on the tech giant’s website entails how it has up to 30 coils on the platform like how Apple had planned. But why exactly did Apple end up canceling the launch of its AirPower is a question on many people’s minds?

The answer is that it had to do with the fact that the design just failed to meet the tech giant’s high standards. And then speculation even went ahead to claim that such a prototype for AirPower would get overheated quickly and that’s why Apple ended up canceling the product as a whole.

Now, you can get such a product for pre-order by Tesla but it’s not clear if the engineers from the tech giant have managed to work through the problems that Apple was facing. But in case you do wish to get this offering for your own product, you can attain the platform via preorders on the online store for Tesla. The firm has noted that the first few products would be shipped by early February 2023.

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