Photo Editing Apps Are One of the Most Used Apps By Smartphone Users

Lensa AI, an artificial intelligence photo editor is getting popular as days are passing and people are using it as much as they can to edit their photos. The popularity and success of Lensa AI aren't much surprising because people love a good photo editing app and this AI editor is great at editing. In 2019 when FaceApp got popular, everyone was using it to generate a picture of their younger and older self. It was a great app for fun face editing.

People who use smartphones have many photo apps installed on their devices because they love editing different parts of themselves, not because of any defect but just because it's fun. It doesn't matter why people love these apps too much because the camera and photo editing apps are one of the highest categories of apps being downloaded on the App Store as well as the Play Store. These types of apps are also one of the highest-grossing apps on the app stores and often remain high in the ranks. People do not hesitate to buy in-app features on photo editing apps to do some editing on a picture of themselves or others to make it look perfect.

Statista's Global Customer Survey showed that 4 in 10 smartphone users regularly use photo editing apps. This means that many people use editing apps daily instead of apps like browsers and messenger apps. The survey also showed the countries where people use photo editing apps the most. In Canada, 46% of smartphone users use photo editing apps while in Spain, the percentage is 43%. In the US, 42% of people use editing apps. In China and India, the number of regular editing app users is 40%. The UK is the country where people use face editing apps the least with 25%.

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