Customers Want More Advanced Imagery On Online Products As Many Online Shoppers Are Not Satisfied With the Images of Products on Websites

Nfinite, an e-merchandising platform, claims that many online shoppers want brands to enhance the images on their products. This survey was taken by 1,000 people in the US who regularly shop from online retailers. They said that most of their interest in a product is driven by its images as most of the brands use augmented reality and properly customized pictures. The survey showed that brands are not producing product images according to consumer demands. This is the reason that only 9% of the people on the survey say that they are satisfied with product images on online markets.

60% of the consumers said that if an image is captured in a real-life concept, they are likely to get attracted to the product as compared to products that have white or any neutral-colored background. 87% of the people in the US said that for them a high-quality picture of the products is important. 77% said that if they have never purchased from a website, their good photos alone can make them buy the product. There is always a doubt in customers that what if the product they purchased online doesn't look similar to what's shown on the website? That's why 75% of the people on the survey said that they are likely to return a product if it doesn't match its picture.

The survey also stated the preferences of GenZ vs Baby Boomers. GenZ wants more personalized experiences and augmented reality. 42% of GenZ says that they are more likely to buy from a website if they have AR tech but only 30% of the Baby Boomers agree to this. If lifestyle images are involved in selling the products, there is a high chance that people will be attracted to them. This can include photorealism, CGI and 3D imagery. If the sellers start selling their products like this, the browsing on their website will increase. More people will come to the website to see a product in a real life context. When a consumer buys a product but it doesn't match up with its usage as shown on the website, he is more likely to return the product. A product being returned results in losing a customer eventually. When a customer will have many options to see a product from different perspectives and angles, he will feel like he is physically at the store inspecting the product. Now this will make him buy the product quickly.

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