New Study Says Most Buyers Blindly Trust Social Media Influencers For Purchase Decisions

The world of social media is definitely very influential. Look around and you'll find how hard it is to not be affected by trends in apps.

Now, a new study is diving down deep into making us realize that buyers blindly trust influencers on various social media platforms when it comes down to their purchasing decisions.

This particular study was conducted by GoodFirms, which happens to be a very well-known research company that provides rates and reviews too. Recently, it went on to highlight a new article called ‘Social Commerce- Progress and Future’ and this was a survey that was held this year.

The whole aim of this study was to highlight and analyze the current state linked to social commerce and what really drives such platforms including a great many challenges and scope of this world related to social commerce.

The survey similarly showed some more details linked to how transactions take place in such a digital and competitive environment that’s social. Brands can really make the most of the diverse environment on display that puts all kinds of products in the open as well as creating chats through AI-powered chatbots, making content that’s shoppable, and allowing brands to take part in all types of procedures where you have all of these activities in different shops.

All sorts of marketing strategies are out there in the open by which we can utilize social commerce and make transactions and more. Getting feedback from users has also turned out to be so much simpler as is the likes of a customer engagement so that at the end of it all, sales get boosted with feedback requests. Brands also get the chance to witness the marketing of brands via several famous individuals through direct links to shopping carts and more.

Instagram is definitely one of the most preferred mediums you’ll find out there today. But other apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Amazon Live can’t be forgotten for obvious reasons. Other than that, the study highlighted how TikTok and WeChat as well as Verint happen to be leading in this regard, providing shopping carts and motivating others to shop, similarly to how influencers behave out there today.

Furthermore, this survey highlighted how 49% of users would prefer to go for virtual try-on and even accessories through social platforms that allow for a wonderful VR medium to evaluate products across the board.

In this survey, nearly 22% of respondents wished to buy products through a Livestream on social media. Around 63% indicated how they use the likes of virtual worlds like the metaverse to enable social shopping.

Research can be seen highlighting some more problems related to people buying through social media apps. Around 45% of people claim to be redirected to other websites that they’ve got zero interest in. And then a staggering 38% revealed total unavailability for payment modes that they preferred.

Other issues were linked to the likes of checkout concerns, stockouts, and even spam. Then a few had to do with invalid coupons and more.

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