The richest YouTube content creator from every country in the world

YouTube has over 2 billion monthly active users. That means over a quarter of the global population is logging and watching content. Incredible

And when that many eyeballs are pointing in the same direction, advertisers are willing to pay serious money to make sure their messages pop up first.

Researchers from Saving Spot decided to see just how much money the most popular YouTube channels make from advertising revenues.

And they put all that data into several maps and charts that break down the global YouTube rich list.

Here's a summary of the richest YouTube content creators from every country in the world.

The highest-earning YouTube channels in the world

Cocomelon is the top-earning YouTube channel, according to research from Saving Spot.

YouTube Rich List: The highest-earning YouTuber in every country

Cocomelon creates 3D animation videos of traditional nursery rhymes and original children's songs and has amassed an incredible $282million. It's also one of a handful of YouTube channels with over a 100 million subscribers.

Highest-earning YouTube channels in North America

Cocomelon is the highest-earning YouTube channel in North America - and by quite a long way.

Its nearest rival, VanossGamining, has earned a measly $31million in comparison.

Based across the US border in Canada, it's a gaming channel owned by popular internet personality Evan Fong. The channel features montage footage of Fong playing online games with his friends and other content creators.

Evan has spoken about his school days during several interviews, recalling the numerous instances when his parents and teachers told him to stop wasting so much time playing video games. Fong's passion for gaming (and ability to monetize it) has helped him build a fortune worth a reported $25million.

The South American YouTube rich list

South America is another continent where kid's content dominates the YouTube rich list.

Argentina- based kids channel El Reino Infantil is the biggest earner of all, racking in over $100million since it launched in 2011. Its total view count is right on the verge of smashing the 50 billion barrier!

Galinha Pintadinha comes next. It's a Brazilian music channel for kids featuring a singing chicken. That content has generated almost $47million.

YouTube fortunes in Europe

Topi the Corgi might not be the biggest or richest YouTube channel on the European continent. But it's definitely one of the best - providing, of course, that you understand what YouTube is really all about, i.e., watching dog videos.

Topi is a three-year-old male Corgi pup from Finland. He stars in hilariously adorable videos inspired by his daily life and travel adventures. Topi's cute face and impeccable comedic timing have earned his humans over $2million. And the only things Topi asks for in return are treats and a few extra belly rubs.

Europe's highest-earning YouTube channel is Like Nastya. Featuring 8-year-old Anastasia Radzinskaya and her parents, the Russian channel produces children's songs, stories, and roleplaying games.

According to Forbes, Anastasia is one of the world's fastest-growing content creators, thanks to her videos being produced in seven(!) different languages. By Saving Spot's calculations, the channel has earned an eye-watering $167million.

Top-earning YouTube channels in the Middle East and Central Asia

It's a similar situation when looking at the YouTube world in the Middle East and Central Asia.

Toyor Al Janah sits on top of the region's YouTube rich list. Toyor Al Janah was founded in 1994 by Jordanian businessman Khaled Maqdad. It started life as a kid's TV channel before making the (very wise) move to YouTube in 2008. Since then, it's made a few dollars shy of $54million

Oyuncakoynuyorum is another big earner. The Turkish YouTube channel, which is a vlog-style diary of sisters Masal and Oyku, has earned $20million since it started producing regular content in 2012.

The Middle East and Central Asia are home to some of the smallest 'biggest earning' YouTube channels in the world, including Tajikistan’s dopelives gaming channel (worth just under $100,000) and Mariyam Yahya, a cooking channel based in the Maldives that has made its creator around $85,000.

Asia and Oceania

CKN is Australia's biggest and richest YouTube channel. Starring Calvin and Kaison, who review and open the latest toys, it's made almost $40million.

ChuChi, an Indian YouTube channel, has made over $80million by producing nursery rhyme content for young kids.

Liziqi is China's richest YouTube content creator. Her lifestyle vlog has earned $6million, although it's currently on pause while Liziq settles some legal issues with a former business partner.

South Korea's highest-earning channel, Jane's ASMR, is (there's really no other word for it) just a bit weird. The content is a disembodied mouth biting into brightly colored sugary snacks. That's it, seriously. And it's made $14million. We live in strange times.

Top earning YouTube channels in Africa

YouTube has yet to really catch on in Africa, mainly due to a lack of digital infrastructure and access. It's estimated that less than 1 in 4 Africans have a permanent internet connection.

But there are still plenty of African content creators making big bucks on YouTube.

Senegalese siblings Hussein and Zainab have made over $2miilm from poking fun at their older relatives on YouTube, while Nigerian comedian Mark Angel has earned in excess of $4million by posting his sketches on the video platform.

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Ready to quit your day job and become a YouTube star now? Just remember that these channels are the exception. The average channel earns just $4,000 a year, and many make absolutely nothing zero. So maybe start it off as a side hustle first!
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