Most Businesses Are Likely To Succeed If Bosses Are Kind And Thoughtful, New Survey Unveils

One of the biggest turnoffs when joining a new workplace is linked to having a mean boss.

There’s truly nothing more nightmarish than that, we feel. And if you happen to be in the same boat as our thinking, well, congratulations because you’re not the only one.

A new survey is shedding light on how people have had enough of bosses that refuse to be kind. And the research further highlights how effective managers are now getting, even more, harder to find than anyone else.

This study analyzed the experiences of a few American professionals and what issues they had with their bosses. Most people would end up quitting their jobs at the office if their higher-ups were mean. And we’re talking a staggering 85% who mentioned this.

The report comes to us thanks to the likes of Gallup, which says around 50% of those located in the US workplace do virtual jobs or those in office. It’s all done in a very subtle manner that certainly does not exceed anyone’s expectations. We like to call this endeavor ‘quiet quitting’.

It is usually rooted in the likes of various things like having that worker feeling or a certain lack of purpose in your work. On some occasions, it has to do with bosses not helping out too much in terms of making employees feel so much more useful.

In one particular survey, around 1000 members that hailed from the country’s professional society had been studied. The majority of respondents would prefer a kinder boss over a more competent one each day. So even if the skills were at par but the personality wasn’t great, they were not interested.

They similarly held great value to such communications as for them, it was the most important one that they sought out.

Also revealed by the study’s findings, two out of three people found bonds with bosses to hold great importance so the best ones had to do with those that treated employees wonderfully well and also provided good communication.

There were also plenty of details provided in terms of the worse bosses out there today. These were those who micromanage, can’t communicate well, and also have a tendency to look down on those that work for them.

Some people highlighted which qualities really stood out in terms of the ideal boss. This was related to great management skills, good interpersonal communication, and even great styles for providing feedback as well.

Clearly, this signals one very important aspect. And that’s linked to having a manager that has a good personality than one having a lot of knowledge and great skills. On the other hand, 90% highlighted how fair treatment was the call of the day. People have good communication and great respect for their opinion.

Communication is a very integral aspect and many people couldn’t help but highlight how important this is in today’s day and age. It’s what makes the process so much simpler and allows them to carry out their day-to-day functions with ease.

Take a look at below charts and infographics for more insights:
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