Twitter Introduces Some Major Changes On The App Including Lower Blue Pricing Among Others

Twitter under the leadership of Elon Musk has gone about introducing a range of new changes to the app. But it’s safe to say that some aren't quite getting the love that Twitter may have anticipated.

For starters, the company has opted to lower the pricing for the Blue Subscription plan. Therefore, it’s going down from $8 to $7 and we see this as a pushback against Apple taking its hefty share through the App Store.

A lower pricing strategy means driving more users to the platform directly as compared to making signups through an iPhone.

Twitter hopes that now, more users can gain access via its website but it failed to outline if the same would be the case for Android users too and their respective platforms involved.

In case you may have missed it, Elon Musk was very adamant last week to set forward a list of complaints it had against Apple including the massive 30% fee it charges from users making in-app purchases. This included an increasing meme where he says he wished to be ‘at war’ with the firm instead of paying a hefty commission.

But right after that, we saw Elon Musk put aside all of his differences when he was invited by Apple CEO Tim Cook to come forward and discuss the matter. The billionaire came out of that meeting with a smile on his face as Apple was resuming ads on the app.

Next up, Twitter may not be doing as great as planned in terms of its advertising prospect. The company says that advertisements from various brands and corporations were seen on Twitter pages belonging White Nationalists. And this report has been highlighted recently by The Washington Post.

This includes ads from leading firms like Uber, Amazon, GoDaddy, and Snap. But seeing them arise on offending pages of Twitter was not a pleasant visual for some that have gone about expressing their grievances on the matter.

The ads were seen on profiles belonging to Andrew Anglin and even Patrick Casey. The former is a neo-Nazi editor for The Daily Stormer and the latter leads the group called Identity Evropa. These two individuals were actually banned by the company in both 2013 and then again in 2019. But seeing Elon Musk send out a poll about general amnesty being granted to all banned accounts, many knew that such behavior was soon inevitable.

On the other hand, another report by the Washington Post saw ads being placed along the likes of pages belonging to white supremacists. And they included No White Guilt Clips and White Power Ranger.

As one can probably imagine, many people are not happy with this news and this majorly includes advertisers. And with twitter performing poorly on that front, the last thing they need is more advertisers pulling out.

Last but not least, Twitter is shutting down its Moments Creation feature. While it might seem to be major, it did hold a certain amount of symbolic relevance. Hence, seeing Twitter go public today with how it’s no more is really an eye-opener to some people.

The company issued a new post today that signaled this next while it did also explain how Moments created in the past would still be on display for users. But if you wish to create a new Moment, well, then that won’t be happening.

In the past, the whole concept linked to Moments had to do with looking at it as an innovative way to view tweets. It was designed to highlight those things that the app has to offer without needing to know how to use the app well.

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