Mark Zuckerberg Labels Apple’s App Store Policies As Unsustainable While Clarifying More About The Metaverse

It’s not surprising to hear about Apple and Meta going head to head in terms of criticism that’s aimed at one another.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is not shy about the criticism that’s being faced across the board and that’s why it’s not too surprising when Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is now opting to return the favor.

Recently, we saw him mentioning at the New York Times DealBook summit that took place on Wednesday how he felt about Apple’s policies on the App Store. And for that, he used some pretty harsh words regarding the leading iPhone maker exerting great control on the App Store.

The Meta CEO mentioned that Apple is sorting itself out as the only firm trying to control which apps go on a device and which shouldn’t and that's just not fair or sustainable, adding it’s a toxic position to be in.

On that note, he even made a huge contrast between the likes of both Apple as well as Google. Moreover, he said that Google lets users download their own apps without forcing them to use the Play Store.

This way, any user can sideload and make use of other app stores while working directly with others too. And that is what Meta feels is its own commitment and plan to utilize in the world of AR headsets.

As it is, Meta is not in a good place at the moment. We have seen it get badly affected during the start of this year when Apple’s own policies related to third parties and tracking arose. Such privacy updates meant that apps like Facebook and a few other ad-supported applications that were linked to target users wouldn’t be able to reach them when they opted no.

Other than such challenges, we saw Apple make more changes that forced Meta to announce quarterly reports outlining a major decline in revenue. On that note, the firm lost out more than two-thirds of its total value for this year.

But Tim Cook has forever been so critical of Facebook and its business functioning. It mentioned how much it relied on data and even went about linking the firm’s algorithmic model to those having links to extremists.

So as you can see, this is definitely a matter of great conflict of interest that’s been taking place for a while now.

In other news related to Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has gone public about how the metaverse is definitely a major project of the company but it does not comprise the majority of Meta’s focus. So in other words, there are other things taking place.

We personally feel this is a huge breath of fresh air because all we’ve been hearing about for a while now is the metaverse and what is next and what to expect.

The news comes after Zuckerberg and his firm have been slammed with so much backlash regarding the mighty digital platform. Many failed to see the vision that the CEO outlined from day one while those that did claim it was illogical.

Meta wants you to know that 80% of investments being made are going to the company’s core social media world. And if you think the CEO lost track of his famous WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram apps, well, think again because that’s not the case.

Zuckerberg mentioned that Meta’s social media business has always been at the forefront, be it before, during, or after the whole metaverse. Therefore, anyone having any confusion about that can really understand that it’s the apps that are bringing in the revenue and making Meta what it is today.

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