Twitter Unveils Its Plans For The Future As Elon Musk Meets Apple CEO Tim Cook

Elon Musk has been speaking about Apple taking a direct hit at Twitter for a while now.

Today, the Twitter Chief announced how he had paid a visit to the Apple Headquarters where he sat down for a meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Through his Twitter account, Musk mentioned how the two men discussed all the reservations that were on the cards including Apple pausing ads and possibly removing the Twitter app from the App store.

But one thing we know for sure is that Cook did reassure the billionaire that Apple is not out to get Twitter and hence he can stop worrying about that.

The meeting is definitely something that was much needed and is now being seen as a de-escalation that had arisen after Elon Musk’s long list of rants against the leading iPhone maker.

Musk called the meeting a great conversation and even thanked Cook for showing him around the beautiful Apple headquarters. He was grateful that no such misunderstanding exists between the two leading tech giants and he hoped things would stay this way.

In other news involving Twitter, Elon Musk has reportedly received another huge warning from the EU regarding his erratic behavior of piloting the app into absolute chaos.

Regulators at the EU say the billionaire has a huge task ahead of him as the new governance regulations take center stage for all digital services that were announced recently.

In case Twitter fails to meet their demands, well, we could be seeing the platform pay mega penalties that include 6% of the app’s yearly turnover that was generated globally.

Ever since he acquired the firm, Twitter is being closely observed and his decision-making is being called absurd by critics, especially his firing spree aimed to eliminate 50% of the workforce. And now, he wants to reinstate all accounts that were banned.

Therefore, the EU says their assessment has proven that the billionaire really has a lot of work cut out for him.

The news comes as the company shared its long terms plans on what exactly is next for Twitter and what else the app’s users can expect to occur very soon. As it is, the firm has been going through a series of ups and downs in recent times.

But the mood really changed today. We saw the firm breaking all its silence and releasing a blog post that spoke in detail about its website. It shared a vision regarding Twitter 2.0 and how the company really wished to achieve many goals.

For that, it needed to allow those on the app to speak in a free manner and make sure brand safety is one of the platform’s top priorities.

Twitter also mentioned how it was conducting various tests in the open and in the real world so it could gain the best feedback there is today. And that is what would implement a long list of features.

It would do things like this to enhance the app for customers, partners, and those individuals who make use of the platform around the globe. Similarly, we saw this blog post delineate policies that are still present and haven’t changed, including how hard the app’s trust and safety team works to ensure it’s safe.

Last but not least, we’ve got Twitter which mentioned that it’s now also going to be sharing a series of different tweets from people that users aren’t even following.

This means users can expect to see more tweaks made to the app’s algorithm in the next few weeks as the company wished to expand its recommendations feature for all. And according to Musk, it’s so users can attain the best content, something similar to what Instagram likes to mention.

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