Google Announces List Of Winners For This Year’s Best Apps On The Play Store

It’s December and that means the year is coming to an end.

Therefore, it’s time that we sit down and reflect on moments that really stood out. And that’s exactly why tech giant Google is going public with its list of award winners for best apps at the Play Store.

From games and products to gadgets, apps, and more - the company really had a lot to consider in terms of what people loved. And a month after we saw it open up the voting for this year’s Users’ Choice Category, it’s time for Google to unveil who rose above all others.

In a fashion that we observed last year, Google really split down its own list of awards, and that included a list of categories for Users’ Choice and various sections. A separate degree of honor and respect was provided to every app on an individual level.

Coming down to the apps theme, it was ‘Dream By Wombo’ that really outshone all others and stole the top spot. The reason being is very simple. This was the year to celebrate AI artwork and the download count for Dream proved just that and more. We saw the app gather a staggering 10 million downloads, moments after it was launched in the year 2022.

Moving on to the category of games, it was the Apex Legends Mobile that turned out to be the winner. The adaptation of this popular endeavor meant it was going to convert to smartphones without ever thinking about losing out on things that makes it special. Yes, there were quite a few bugs but today, it’s thriving bigger and better on Android than ever.

We have to mention that users’ reviews continue to depict that there is still some ground that needs to be made up in terms of a great many crashes taking place. Without much luck, we may soon be seeing stability updates regarding Apex.

But when you actually come to think of it, Users’ Choice is really what matters in this scenario. BeReal was seen taking the top spot in the world of applications. And the fact that it’s not new on Android as it’s been there for three years, it’s only now that people are really getting to know more and more about the app as it enters the public eye for the year 2022.

For BeReal, this slow launch managed to work out well in its favor. But now, the real question is if such questions would continue in the next year but by the looks of it, users appear to be very content.

Last but not, it was time to unveil the winner for the category of games. And no surprises here as the Apex Legend Mobiles cinched the top spot. So don’t forget to jump in if you want to without any sort of excuse.

Google was even seen giving out awards to an array of subcategories like apps and games. You can see them all on the Play Store’s pages.

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