Deep Fake Version Of Mark Zuckerberg Arrives On Twitter And Stuns Viewers By Thanking Democrats

Just the thought of a fake Mark Zuckerberg arriving anywhere is enough to make anyone stop and stare. And you’d be shocked to figure out that a deep fake version of the Meta CEO was recently spotted on the Twitter platform.

As it is, Twitter is having great trouble dealing with the likes of impersonators and now, we’ve got a fake Mark Zuckerberg that’s taking over Twitter. He’s thanking congress members for all of their great service and for failing to pass all sorts of anti-trust legislation.

The fake Zuckerberg appeared in the form of an advertising video where he spoke directly to members of Congress and reminded the world that the Democrats would outperform the Republicans in January.

This particular ad was released online thanks to the likes of Demand Progress Action. They similarly stated via a press release how they planned to run more similar television ads in places like New York and even the capital city of Washington DC.

The ad was seen taking a direct hit at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and even Chuck Schumer who hails from New York. The subject of discussion was the poor movements conducted on some leading antitrust bills related to the world of technology.

Similarly, such an ad was also aimed to target politicians that accept money from leading tech giants. As it is, Meta has been very keen on making attempts to fight away antitrust laws. Earlier reports showcased the tech giant spending $4 million on campaigns that fight such bills via lobbying groups. But remember, it’s not just Meta that is behaving in this shady manner. Other tech giants like Amazon are being called out for similar endeavors.

Other than the video, the fake version of Zuckerberg also released a Tweet that thanked the Democrats for holding several tech giants accountable like Meta accountable, and for that, Senator Schumer was tagged.

Many failed to look at the seriousness of the matter and instead laughed it off, adding how real this deep fake version of the CEO was. Another wrote how ironic it was for Meta to unveil its true colors in public. And then there was one that even went as far as complementing the deep fake version for being more honest than the leading tech giant's leader himself. What do you think?

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