Is Snapchat+ still being subscribed by users?

Snapchat started monetizing itself in the name of Snapchat+ and earned a tremendous $6 Million as its net revenue in a single month.

But after one month, the revenue dropped immediately, putting social media observers into the thought that whether it was just a coincidence that revenues become so high or it was a trend.

As AppFigures has collected Snapchat+ revenue generation data for this year, it becomes easy to predict whether it was a trend or it just happened by chance. Now, the answer seems to be a mixture of both, as the revenue generated in June peaked at $6 Million but dropped around 21% in August to less than $5 Million, but the graph is seen going up by 3.24% in September, +4.87% in October and last month the platform once again generated near to $6 Million in November, which is an 8.15% increase in the revenue since October.

Now this is a clear steep and it’s pretty easy to predict that December may be the month, that Snapchat+ will generate near to or almost $6 Million, which would be an increase of $0.4 Million since November.

It is estimated that by January, the revenue will be more than $6 Million.

At first, it was considered that no one would pay for access features before officially launching on Snapchat. Paid beta testing for Snapchat was not considered to be a success but as time passed, it has proved that people love to pay for early access to features and consider them as a possession that is not publicly available.

So, it’s good news for the company to keep generating early access features and selling them as Snapchat+.

The current subscription charge for Snapchat+ costs $3.99 per month. What makes Snapchat+ more unique and fascinating than normal Snapchat is that you can mark friends as BFFs, exclusive badges, keep count for story rewatch, and access Snapchat web are some of the many features of Snapchat+. You can also make a story on Snapchat+ private, allowing specific people to watch which compels privacy-conscious users to buy the subscription.

One feature that is missing in Snapchat+ is that there’s no option to remove ads, which users might find irritating, as in most of the apps, by paying, you get rid of ads, like in YouTube premium. With the addition of an ad-removal service to the Snapchat+ in future, it is possible to see a greater peak in the Snapchat+ revenue chart.

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