The list of the most downloaded and highest earning apps and games in November is finally out

With 2022 almost at its end, Appfigure has recently shared its insight, highlighting the most downloaded and highest-earning applications and games in November across Google Play and the App Store.

Starting with the most downloaded applications, ByteDance’s TikTok kept its first spot among the top 10 application list on Apple’s App Store with almost 22 million downloads, followed by another ByteDance product, CapCut, with 19 million downloads, and Google on the third spot with 15 million downloads.

While Meta’s Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook were at the 4th, 7th, and 10th positions, respectively. On the other hand, Google Play had Instagram at the top with 35 million downloads, followed by another Meta-owned platform, Facebook, with 31 million. TikTok got the third position with 29 million downloads.

However, the combined total list brought TikTok to the top with 50 million combined total downloads, followed by Instagram and Facebook. CapCut’s monetization helped the platform secure the 4th spot, followed by Meta’s WhatsApp. Instant messaging application Telegram was also on the list at No. 6, shortly followed by Google Sheets, and with just a million downloads difference, Snapchat got the No. 8 spot.
In terms of highest earning applications, TikTok once again showed its dominance by placing itself at the top of the combined total list with almost 55 million dollars in earned money. Google’s YouTube came in 2nd, earning 49 million dollars, leaving HBO Max at 3rd with 44 million dollars. The famous dating application, Tinder, is also doing great on both platforms, as it got the 4th spot on the App Store’s list and the 2nd at Google Play, leading to the 4th position on the combined list. The San Francisco-based Life360 application had its best month so far since 2020, as it got the first spot on Google Play with four million downloads, a growth of 454 percent.

The gaming world is completely different from other applications. On Apple’s App Store, the list was topped by Makeover Studio, which had five million downloads, followed by Subway Surfers with the same number of downloads, and at 3rd with four million downloads. On Google Play, Subway Surfers was at the top spot with 18 million downloads, leading to a total of 22 million downloads, which paved the way for the gaming app to stay at the top spot on the combined total list. Shotgun Sounds, who got the 2nd number on Google Play, was in the 3rd position of the combined list.

With the ongoing football season, FIFA secured the 2nd spot on the collective total list, and Roblox was at 4th. Candy Crush kept the 5th spot on both the Google Play and collective sum lists. Stumble Guys and Ludo King, which weren’t even in the top 10 list across both platforms, somehow managed to enter the combined total list.

In terms of earnings, Candy Crush Saga got the first spot on both platforms, with 112 million dollars from the App Store and 31 million dollars from Google Play, leading to a total of 143 million dollars. With this amount, Candy Crush Saga got the first spot in the collective total list.

The combined total list has Royal Match at No. 2 and Roblox at No. 3, with 48 million dollars and 42 million dollars earned from both stores, respectively. Coin Master, who was at the 2nd number on Google Play, was at the 4th on the total additional list.

Pokemon Go, despite experiencing a 7 million-dollar drop, still managed to end up at the 5th spot on the combined list.

It is expected that the results of December will see a lot of new changes; now all that’s left to do is wait until the latest insight for December drops in.

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