Google Adds New Reading Mode Format To Android So Websites Are Easier To Read

Have you ever scrolled across a particular website on your phone and thought it was just not reader friendly?

Well, one thing is for sure, you’re not the only one. And that’s probably one of the many reasons why search engine giant Google is going the extra mile to expand its Accessibility Functions.

The company mentioned how Android gained new Reading Modes and really turned websites and other types of content into something that was simpler to read and understand.

This particular Reading Mode may be installed on Android devices and can even plug into a particular Accessibility Suite to enhance content usage for users and provide value to their overall experience for those with dyslexia, poor vision, or impaired vision.

Once installed through the Google Play Store, users claim they can make great adjustments to adjust to anyone’s specific needs. You can alter the contrast, size of the text, and even the font style.

You can enable the famous text-to-speech and add some controls for speed enhancement to avail read-aloud features that may be available. You can play back or even fast forward according to your liking. This is also where you get the chance to adjust a reader’s voice as well to your preference.

One leading reason why such reading modes are so important has to do with Android and similar systems being able to delete clutter or remove distractions away from places like websites. They enable you to focus on some pivotal information that’s located within. And once you read that, you may even go about underlining current text while scrolling or reading aloud. Hence, it’s like improving your literacy along the way.

Additionally, users get the chance to enable another feature called ‘Quick Access’ which be seen on floating screens as a widget. We found the fact that this new offering being compatible with apps like Talkback is great as you can utilize that with screen readers too.

This feature works wonderfully well with most other platforms and websites while using a quick-access toggle feature.

The new Reading Mode feature on Android will support a range of different languages such as English, Italian, French, and even Spanish. The search engine giant also says that more languages are arriving soon in the near future so stay tuned for that. For now, you can download this new dedicated Reading Mode through the Google Play Store directly.

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