LinkedIn Rolls Out New Focused Inbox Format To All Users

If you happen to see a change on your LinkedIn tab for messaging, well, there might be a good explanation for that.

The platform mentioned this week that it would be releasing its new and improved Focused Inbox format that redirects some less important texts into the ‘Other Tab’ across the app’s messaging stream. Now this means all users of the app can benefit from it.

At the start of September of this year, we saw the leading social networking platform mention how the Focused Inbox was designed to give users two new ‘InMail’ tabs that entail Other and Focused.

The Other tab may just as well be called ‘Spam’ but the real purpose here is to filter away junk and put the most important things on highlight view.

The company’s product manager published a recent post that spoke about the launch and how so many users of the platform wanted a new and improved ordeal that would better organize users’ inboxes.

Now, that time is here that the platform has launched a better messaging experience so various users around the world can avail and use it for their benefit.

The focused Inbox is definitely like seeing a dual-tabbed experience that puts your inbox texts in a dual-tabbed manner so what you get is a whole new categorical experience that distinguished Focused from Other.

The Focused one has new chances and the opportunity for outreach while the Other tab has the rest of the users’ chats stored in them.

Similarly, we saw the product manager mention how chats on the app have undergone a 20% increase YOY as more and more users are turning to text so as to connect and even engage with one another on the application.

The old Conversations were quite vague but the app is not too clear in terms of engagement stats. It continues to remind users that it continually experiences some engagement levels that are record-breaking, and it’s been taking place in that manner since 2018. This was after Microsoft took the network under its wing.

The tech giant is the new originator for this Focused format as the feature was first launched for Microsoft Outlook, before steering toward the LinkedIn app.

But how much such an experience manages to enhance the user’s performance will totally be linked to how many texts they continually receive. We are certainly curious to see where the app’s paid InMails go.

One would assume that such a professional linking network on social media might still be moving ahead with paid promotions in users’ main inboxes. But you’ll be interested to learn how that’s not the case. We’re seeing that become filtered into the ‘Other’ tab this week.

As far as the rollout for the feature is concerned, well, it’s on its way to all app users around the world in a gradual manner so stay tuned, in case you don’t already have it.

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