Apple Officially Unveiled The Name of Its AR/VR Headset and the Registration of the Product Has Begun

Apple had been trying to name its AR/VR headset for so long now. For the most part, the company was confused about what to name its product. Apple was planning on naming the headset "RealityOS" or "rOS". But now it has come to a final decision. The Apple AR/VR headset is named "xrOS". The headset is soon to be launched. Apple hasn't told the exact date of its release and there are speculations that it will be released in early to mind 2023 as its name has been decided.

Most people are curious about this Apple headset. Just like the Apple Watch and Apple TV, Apple Headset will also have its operating system. Apart from a separate operating system, AR/VR headset is also going to have an App Store. The xr in the name xrOS stands for extended reality. This means virtual as well as augmented reality. Rumors are flying around that the Apple headset will have a mixed reality just like Microscope HoloLens which supports both virtual and augmented reality. Augmented reality is based on what the user is seeing in the real world and virtual reality is a digital world with digital experiences.

Apple is also creating a software kit for its AR/VR headset which will also allow the installation of third-party apps. Other than the third-party apps, these headsets will have separate and special Apple apps like Maps and Messages. These apps will be a completely new version, just for the headsets. When Apple was working on the headset, they used to call it rOS, but when they thought that the name was too boring and generic, they changed it to xrOS. This type of name will likely stand out among other names on the market.

Apart from all these things, Apple has started registering xrOS across the countries. Apple's way of registering a new product is unique as it registers the product through shell companies. This time xrOS is being registered under the shell company named Deep Dive LLC. Apple headset will be available in many countries but there is no sign about when this headset will be released. There is a high chance that Apple AR/VR will be unveiled in the first half of the year 2022.

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