Google Is Looking Forward To Stuffing Websites With More Ads Soon

While the world of the internet is one of the greatest inventions of all time, we must speak about the huge flaw that it comes with. And in case you have not guessed by now, it’s linked to advertisements.

In case you happen to be an avid user of the web, which most of us are anyways, you’re sure to notice that online ads are bombarding websites, day in and day out. Most of your time is spent gazing across screens where ads are a frequent endeavor.

Remember, the more ads, the more revenue generated through views on a website. And it’s just one of the many ways to make more money.

Now, Google is keen on searching for various other means through which the search engine giant can stuff more ads into a certain webpage. And this new project is called side rails which might show up soon on the sides of a website.

Think of it like little uninvited friends that manage to give the user company while they are busy scrolling down a website’s page.

Today, Google went public with the news. It announced to different web developers through a particular help page that these side rails comprise ads that literally stick to pages’ sides when viewed on large screen devices like your computer’s desktops.

These side rails will begin appearing in an automatic manner across a website and it has a few settings that allow for Google AdSense’s service to function effectively. Some critics are looking at this as the most fun and welcoming addition to ad pop-ups seen on the top or at the end of a webpage that users would follow all around. Another name given is anchor ads.

Google mentioned in its blog post how so many users were keen on what anchor ads really were and wished they would be an integral part of the website. And now, it claims people’s prayers are getting answered as the company gets a hold of more of those.

Some ads pop up on the sides of different websites and they’re referred to as side rails but here, there is a little bit of a distinction in Google’s iteration. You’ll see how these are more dynamic than the rest.

Once you begin scrolling down, they come alongside the user for a ride instead of staying put in one certain place while scrolling.

And as far as the best bit is concerned, users would need to wait for several weeks to witness them as Santa might be adding them just in time for the holiday season. If that’s not what you call an advertising miracle then we’re not quite sure what is.

For now, let’s just wait and watch because it’s a smart strategy being taken on by Google but the real response can only be determined with time.

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