New Survey By Meta Says AR/VR Technology And The Metaverse Have An Integral Role In The Future

Does AR/VR technology and the Metaverse have any place in the future of the tech world?

You’ll be astonished to learn that the answer was a huge yes, as confirmed by a recently conducted survey by Meta.

The tech giant took a poll that entailed around 2000 employees and nearly 400 different business leaders located across the nation of the US and the UK. And their general consensus was yes!

Meta mentioned in a recent post highlighted in the report that was made public on Monday how many firms and workers have been made aware of a diverse tech world. There is a lot to learn from here and new business models are those that people wish to adopt.

Technologies and processes of all kinds were up for grabs that go on to make some of the most engaged and productive teams out there. And through such offerings, many firms are looking forward to a future that comprises various ways to work and evolve thanks to innovation in technology.

Meta put forward some new insights regarding the survey and it’s actually quite interesting, to say the least.

Today, around one-third of the world’s workforce works on a remote basis. Therefore, businesses are allowed to redefine their understanding of the term community and inclusion.

Meta revealed how 19% of respondents in this survey felt video helped them feel more awake in meetings while 15% felt that it led to a higher collaboration with various colleagues. Then 70% of the respondents felt meetings needed to be more immersive as well as engaging. And that’s when you have 66% of people replicating a sense of unity that arises while being in the office.

There are some firms that create a virtual presence and a true sense of belonging when the working style is hybrid.

The use of AR/VR technology and headsets can really bring a new sense of belonging and intrigue to employees. Meanwhile, the Metaverse is on a mission to keep on growing through such endeavors.

The metaverse platform is outlined as one that can aid in getting rid of barriers by welcoming all on the same playing field. It’s been outlined to be a key move to engage and also to retain people classified as introverts. These are those who like to work in a remote manner and enjoy comfort through the likes of an avatar for interaction with other colleagues.
Meta and other similar businesses hope to invest in the likes of VR headsets as compared to upgrades in the world of laptops. This all depends on the demand put forward by employees.

Meta proved through its survey that around 60% of its workforce would want the introduction of VR headsets by next year while others look forward to collaborations with the likes of digital avatars in VR spaces.

The use of virtual and mixed technology can really put forward a limitless array of applications when we talk about collaborations. It’s really going to surprise people in the future and as more brands want innovation, this might be the right step ahead.

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