Elon Musk Announces ‘Ad Free’ Blue Subscriptions While Calling Previous Blue Ticks An Absolute Disaster

Elon Musk is hinting at a possible ad-free subscription for Twitter Blue users.

The new Twitter chief says that the relaunch for the $8 verification ticks has come after much consideration and amendments and he really hopes this time around, this would go as planned.

In case you didn’t know, the previous rollout was awfully dicey and definitely something worth a glance at. So many brands suffered at the hands of impersonators and it wouldn’t be wrong to call it a tough pill to swallow for Musk and his tweet on Twitter.

So yesterday, during a discussion, Musk mentioned through a tweet how he and his company were paving the way forward for a new version of Twitter that would display 50% of ads. For now, it’s not available but it’s definitely a feature coming soon, he added. With time, Musk even hopes to go as far as introducing the likes of a business model for subscriptions that are totally ad-free. It’s a feature that could come as early as next early and we think there could be nothing better than it.

So many people out there hate ads and seeing that be eliminated as a whole is just fabulous. But it’s not going to be an easy goal to achieve. The whole fiasco actually depends on the likes of how well of a response the app receives in terms of its new verification plan.
Musk has outlined in the past how the platform makes the most revenue through its ads and that’s why the billionaire was flipping out when leading advertising partners like Apple opted to put a halt on the decision.

As it is, a new report today outlined the fact that so many brands were reluctant to pay for the Blue subscription. And then when you’ve got a staggering $11 price tag for iOS users, it’s just baffling to see why anyone would go for it. But again, that’s just our perspective. We’re sure Musk and his teams know better.

Meanwhile, the world’s richest man has also put forward some interesting comments about the previous blue ticks. He labeled them as nonsense and corrupt and felt shocked and mortified at the manner in which the old Twitter used to be handing them out so casually.

In the same way, the new Twitter chief says it’s only going to be a few more months before the ‘Legacy’ Blue ticks get eradicated from the app as a whole. The comment comes after the platform launches the Blue tick for verification subscription after several days.

Before we saw Musk acquire the platform during the latter part of October, the previous management of the company issued blue ticks to celebs, journalists, and other public figures on the app without any cost. Now, however, things are really going to change and Musk feels it’s about time as they were relaunched on Monday.

Musk also called the old verification system one that was allotted in a manner similar to Lords and Peasants. And it’s hilarious how he always finds a way to point fingers at others. What do you think?

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