Elon Musk Unleashes New Cryptic Tweet That Hints About Twitter’s Upcoming Policy

Billionaire Elon Musk has published a new cryptic tweet. And it’s providing some wonderful insight into what people can expect in terms of the new policy of the app.

The announcement of the billionaire stepping down from the leading position as Twitter’s CEO was a shock altogether and many wondered what the future had in store.

Now, we’re hearing more about how Musk feels it’s time to stress something called a scientific pursuit. Musk mentioned how this new Twitter policy will end up following science and will simultaneously make you question it as well.

Meanwhile, today we saw thousands of users lose access to the app after it broke down. It was definitely not something Musk or leading executives would have wanted during a period when the future of this app does not look too bright. So what exactly did this cryptic tweet go on to reveal?

Musk emphasized the particular scientific aspect of things. He added how plenty of Twitter’s policy was linked to following science and that entails reasoned questioning linked to this field.

Anyone that criticized the world of science wouldn’t be able to call themselves a scientist, he explained. While a lot couldn’t be revealed about the platform’s actual plans regarding policymaking, it’s crucial to understand that this message is coming after the billionaire had announced he would quit the position of CEO at the app after a poll proved he was not popular for the leading role.

Around 57% of the app’s users went about polling and asked Musk to get down from such a role. They even wished he would be able to resign as the company’s CEO after finding a person that was as foolish as him to take on this major responsibility. As far as Musk’s role is concerned, he would be the one to run software and servers on such a team.

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