Instagram’s Chief Gives Insight On Three Top Priorities For The App In 2023

It wouldn’t be wrong to mention that this past year has been a rollercoaster ride for Instagram.

We’ve seen the app’s chief go on to reveal that the platform really struggled in terms of keeping its priorities at the forefront while aiming to achieve originality.

The algorithm took plenty of inspiration from the likes of TikTok and as we’ve all seen, not all the changes were welcome by users with open arms.

We even saw the likes of celebrities such as Kylie Jenner mention she would like Instagram to behave like itself instead of imitating TikTok and when you’ve got big names to come forward, it’s definitely not good news for the app’s reputation.

The figures were dropping quickly and to help get users back on the bandwagon, change was of the utmost essence. Marketers have invested a lot and Instagram knows that it can’t lose out any further. This is why Adam Mosseri wants the world to know that he expects the app to keep three top priorities at the forefront in 2023. So what are the major elements of focus was a question on so many people’s minds?

For starters, it had to do with making people feel like they were super creative. Mosseri explained how this is not something new for the platform. It’s a key pillar through which this app had been born with. You would see some amazing filters for images and crazy frames take center stage.

A lot of those creative elements came through the likes of apps like Snapchat. But we do know that this platform was one of the first to come through with the idea and users loved it. It’s like seeing posts with a creative twist and customization feature. But in the future, you can predict more tools linked to customization and visual elements, not to mention AR creation. It’s like adding 3D objects and unique experiences on such an app.

The reason why happens to be super simple. It’s linked to making more and more creators aware of the metaverse and the app is the way to connect all such ideas in one place.

Next up, it hopes to design a platform where users can explore more things that they love. While it sounds awfully adventurous, it’s a huge risk. It has to do with following an approach that’s similar to TikTok.

TikTok used this strategy that entails highlighting the best content seen across this platform. And Instagram hopes to have its platform stick to this idea. Moreover, it’s also working to double down on user engagement by making the pool of content bigger so users have plenty of options to select from.

Last but not least, the app is in search of ways to spark better social engagement across the board. By this, we mean saying hello to more ways to build connections between users via the app’s main feed.

Before, more and more people wanted to share posts publicly. Today, it’s all about connecting with others through DMs and establishing a link that has to do with a shared interest or hobby.

Clearly, there’s plenty of planning in the works and we hope things go as outlined.

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