US House Of Representatives Bans TikTok On All Mobile Devices Amid Security Risk

It’s not good news for TikTok as the US House of Representatives has banned the app on all leading mobile devices being issued.

The news comes amid them calling out the firm as a leading security threat and that’s why those that do have the app have been requested to delete it as soon as possible. The directive was issued by the chief administrative officer of the house who has also issued a similar ban on downloading apps when going forward.

The body has outlined Twitter to be a huge risk because it just fails to provide transparency on the matter because of how ByteDance functions. And that raises questions about how many citizens are being put at risk.

All house employees were today issued notices regarding how they would not be allowed to work further with the app on their devices and were requested to delete it at the nearest date.

“You would be contacted to get rid of it”- this was the response mentioned.

Meanwhile, the news is not going down well with TikTok. A spokesperson for the firm has gone on to reveal how this is certainly not a practical solution. They deemed it to be politically themed one that needed to be reassessed.

It’s very interesting to note how the app is banned in around 19 different locations of the US amid security concerns and now these statements coming out are just shocking.

Moreover, there is news about a bill being passed in Congress regarding language banned by the app on phones that was issued to various employees of different agencies in this executive branch. The only exception has to do with those hailing from law enforcement and research among others.

For a while now, we’ve seen TikTok ignore all the accusations hurled at them. They have denied storing data belonging to US users for a while now, despite leading members of the legislation mentioning such behavior.

They have confirmed that no data is sent through its servers to authorities in China, despite a report proving otherwise. Moreover, the app is struggling with transparency but it is also working hard in terms to rid away the fears of Congress.

It’s quite clear from such reports that Congress has its work cut out for it. Despite its own internal investigations taking place, it’s never been able to target individuals across the board.

H/T: Reuters

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