Who Was The Lousiest Boss In 2022 Of The Tech World? This New Report Reveals The Answer

As we wrap up the year 2022, it’s time to take a moment and soak things in. We’ve come across plenty of hiccups in the world of silicon valley. This coupled with the ongoing economic turmoil never made things easy. But who really had it the worst? Well, it’s time to take a look.

After a few decades of great progress in America, tech giants and their respective bosses saw what it really feels like to function in an era of unpredictability. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these billionaires really had their work cut out for them and one after another, they were faced with so many challenges.

From Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, the list of big names who struggled to make a way out of the unpredictable turmoil was endless. And then there are the likes of Elon Musk who still continues to make many wonder, what’s next.

Then we had the likes of Elizabeth Holmes receive a decade-long jail sentence and Sam Bankman-Fried getting fame for all the wrong reasons.

It was a nightmare year and one that many people would want to put behind them for obvious reasons. But who really had it the worst, we’re counting down the answer for you below.

Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg - A man facing many challenges

This one-time genius truly had his work cut out for him. Not only was Facebook coming under the banner of Meta, but the name change also had two other of the world’s top apps, Instagram and WhatsApp to deal with.

Zuckerberg seemed to have gotten lost in his bubble of VR technology and there was only one thing on his mind- the Metaverse. Did we mention how avatars not having legs was another major issue he had to deal with?

The fortunes of Meta have really gone down. The prices of shares hit rock bottom and Meta’s CEO made a lot realize that he might have bitten off way more than he could ever chew. Did we mention the countless lawsuits being thrown in his direction?

He recently had to fire a chunk of the workforce and pause hiring as well- a lot of criticism for his decision but he did what he had to do, according to his experts. He tried but could have done better and that’s why he gets a terrible score of 6/10.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos - A year full of donations and gratitude

Jeff Bezos really had an interesting year. Many were pleasantly shocked to see the Amazon CEO announce how he was donating a huge chunk of his wealth. Did we mention his firm laying off a lot of the workforce, seeing at least 10,000 people cut?

Then we saw his former wife getting more fame than him for her huge donations to charity. But before we knew it, he was seen making the most generous donations of them all. This was an astounding $100 million. Many referred to it as the most selfless act and we couldn’t agree more.

He gained the title of being adored even more with his actions but one that deserves a mention is landing in space with Captain Kirk. He didn’t have it as bad as the others so his terrible score is 4/10.

Tesla & Twitter’s Elon Musk - Nearly zero understanding between words and actions

It’s the year of Elon Musk and whether you loved him or hated him, one thing is fur sure. He was definitely on your mind for obvious reasons. His acquisition of Twitter and then making radical decisions really had the world in a whirlwind.

On many occasions, we couldn’t help but understand what was going on. But it really didn’t work out too well for Twitter which is still struggling with Musk’s indecisiveness.

Advertisers have taken a step back and while Musk is now being forced to step down as CEO, thanks to his own poll, he claims that there’s no one out there to really replace him.

The problems are plenty and Musk himself seems to be lost in a world of his own created problems.

The billionaire also lost a lot of revenue and his net worth hit a real low. Today, he’s no longer the world’s richest person but we bet that’s far from his problems. Hence, the new Twitter chief gets a terrible score of 7/10.

Twitter’s former CEO Parag Agrawal - The future isn’t so bright

At the start of 2022, things were definitely flowing in Parag Agrawal’s direction. He was leading Twitter as the CEO and things were definitely doing pretty much ok. But that’s when Musk came into the picture and things went downhill.

The duo clashed in many ways and it was Musk who had the power to eliminate the CEO from his position, alongside his leading team of executives. Agrawal tried but it was in vain and getting fired from the platform was definitely a major low. So he lost his job but we’re not sure if he’s still complaining because today, he has exited with a lot more fortune than what he may have made while sitting in the firm itself.

That’s the list and Musk might have won the race for being the lousiest boss, as per trends.

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