Creator Rewards Program By Pinterest All Set To Come To An End By This Week

Pinterest has opted to close the doors on its incentive-based Creator Rewards Program.

The company was seen mentioning how the program would shut by the end of this week as it decides to move on to other exciting projects.

For those who may not be aware, this program was for those creators that wished to make funds by generating Idea Pins with a certain theme in mind. And these were all based on a series of monthly prompts that were given by the app.

This enabled the platform to encourage Idea Pins from creators and help allow such ideas to lead to more engaging ventures. But now, the plan has been binned and it’s no longer going to be a part of the app’s strategy.

As recently mentioned by the app, the conclusion is a clear signal to the company that it would be paying a huge one-time bonus for all creators on the platform that tried to take part in at least a single reward goal throughout the last three months.

For now, the app is not sharing how much it actually plans on giving away in terms of bonuses or how many individuals were actually a part of the program, to begin with.

Other than Pinterest, we’ve seen a series of other platforms come forward and offer similar bonus programs for its creators. They’ve had various degrees of success but generally, they do become unsustainable which can be expected.

Most direct payments through such apps are designed to assist and guide creators into heading toward different monetization avenues. They are not designed to create reliance on such payments alone.

For a while now, Snapchat was seen experiencing a range of issues linked to its Spotlight project which is aligned to target other themes too. On the other hand, TikTok is working to attain the best measures to make sure top creators are getting paid the right amount.

We must take this point to note that Pinterest’s creator fund for $500,000 is different from this rewards program and hence shouldn’t be confused. The former is another venture launched by the app to promote creators to continue posting on this app.

The Creator Fund wants to encourage Creators as well as the community who feel they’re not represented in the right manner. Hence, it aims to provide them with the right direction and platform to get their talent across.

As you can probably tell by now, it’s not easy to crack the code linked to creator funding. The whole endeavor is difficult and complex as it is. And some content formats don’t even go about supporting ad insertion, making it so much worse. After all, it’s hard to gain revenue based on views then.

For now, no other app has ever managed to get this complex scenario right and that’s why they continue to experiment with bigger and better approaches. It seems like that’s exactly what this platform might be doing at the end of it all.

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