Pinterest’s Transparency Report Highlights Mega Rise In Explicit And Abusive Content Removal

Pinterest has gone public with its transparency report for the first half of 2022. This report highlights all the various types of content removals that may have taken place during this period.

The app did reveal how the figures for this term did show some massive shifts and the results were all presented in the form of a chart for better understanding. Each result showcases just how many pins by users had been removed in every theme in the past year. And it’s definitely erratic that how much change has occurred compared to previous reports.

For starters, the number of removals for subjects like adult services really spiked up in the first quarter of this year but it was normal in the second. And this might be linked to the massive deactivation of small images that accounted for nearly two-thirds of various pinned posts getting activated in Q1.

In Q2 of this year, there was a significant rise in the removal of child exploitation content. And that might be reported due to the platform embracing an update on its detection systems. Similarly, the number of posts linked to conspiracy theories exits from the app had also decreased. This again was linked to a huge clean-up in the year 2021.

Next up, the number of removals linked to dangerous goods was at an all-time low right after a massive cleanup took place in the year 2021. But with that said, let’s not forget how graphic violence spiked up to new highs during the start of this year because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Pinterest adds that removals for misinformation of medical news were also massively up in Q2 of 2022. Similarly, content related to harmful actions and self-injury also massively arose due to so much work arising to enhance both the methods of detection and reporting as well.

Without any doubt, spam and posts related to harassment were presented as their usual seasonal peaks.

As one can imagine, there are a lot of fluctuations that occur with time. And the way Pinterest continues to keep its users informed must be applauded. But what exactly do these reports represent?

Well, there has been an increase in themes like child exploitation and self-harm on the app and that’s why the systems have been busy removing them. Recently, the app published how it has a goal of removing harmful content immediately before it makes its way onto the platform for users to witness. And we feel there could be nothing better than that.

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